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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

Vern says that they need to get the grout on the coffee table, touch up the furniture, and copper-leaf the insets of the door panels Amy Wynn made. You know, Betsy has a little bit of Sigourney Weaver about her, especially in profile. Kind of Sigourney Weaver crossed with Jane Kaczmarek. Vern pretends to leave.

Gen says that they have to paint the black racing stripe around the room, and cut the pieces of black carpet for the platform. They'll glue them down the next day. Gen: "I have the best team! Whatever, Vern!"

Day Two. Vern arrives to find his team touching up the red paint on the cabinet doors. Betsy looks really, really tired. Vern says that it looks awesome, and asks, "How was last night?" Chris: "Want me to answer that?" Now, we know from what the HOs themselves posted in the forums that Vern was there until 4:30 AM. I understand why we don't have footage of that stuff, since obviously the camera crew didn't sign on for these all-nighters and I'm sure their union wouldn't stand for it anyway, but why must we perpetuate the farce of homeowners doing homework alone, without the designers? Especially with Vern. Everyone knows he's almost always there all night. But we know that other designers and even carpenters have stayed really late -- even all night-- too; why not just own up to it?

Bill and Becky are sitting on the platform draped in black carpet and talking about whether he's okay. He's ready to carry on. Gen and MPDP come in and discover that Bill cut himself with the carpet knife and had to go get stitches. Gen hugs Becky, who's nearest, and says, "You guys are the best homeowners ever!"

Vern tells Betsy and Chris to finish their coffee, and that they have a big day ahead.

MPDP doesn't mean to be horrible, but naturally has to ask whether they got their homework done. Bill gestures to the room, where you can see that the stripes are fully painted, and that the carpet's clearly been cut. Gen gets up and runs around on it like a four-year-old who's just had her big bowl of chocolate-frosted sugar bombs: "I wanna run! It makes me want to go really fast! I love this!" My God, can you imagine Gen hopped up on anything?

Vern and Chris start to assemble the daybed. Chris says he could certainly use a daybed right now. Vern: "No napping yet! Napping will come in time."

Bill and Becky are painting Jacob's Sten shelving. People, I can tell you from experience, this is a nightmare job. I've done it. I painted three five-shelf Sten units for Frink's office and to say it's a thankless task would get me arrested by the Understatement Police. It's so much more trouble than it's worth. There are so many nooks and crannies and interstitial spaces and unused holes -- and I took it apart to do it, too, which makes it somewhat easier but not much. Mind you, I primed ours, which doubled the aggravation, but of course they're not doing that, or at least it doesn't look like it. Either way: never again. It does look a lot better painted or stained -- it's pretty darned utilitarian -- but it's just so much trouble. And now, in the house we're moving to this summer, the damn shelves probably won't even fit in his new office, so they're likely to be relegated to the basement. All that effort for two years of use. As a friend of mine always used to say, live and lose. Bill and Becky discuss what's going on in their house. They agree that it's gotta be good. They think these shelves will look better black, too.

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