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Pennsylvania: Victoria Drive

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Pennsylvania: Victoria Drive

Shout-out to DorkMagnet.

MPDP appears in a sleeveless midriff-grazing red top, a short, straight white skirt, and wedge-heeled sandals. I can't remember ever seeing her in a skirt on the show before. Actually, she does look very cute in it; it's the perfect skirt silhouette on her. The hair is extremely wingy. She's golfing, or putting, or whatever. (Please refer to pretty much any recap of The West Wing I've ever written for the true extent of my cluelessness about -- and indifference to -- sports.) She hits the ball and yells "Fore!" My husband, Professor Frink, says, "Way to go, Paige. You're supposed to yell that before you hit the ball." I wouldn't have even noticed, myself. She says they're just outside of "Philly, PA" and that their homeowners' condos just happen to be off the fifth tee. She fails to mention that one of them is going to end up with a room that looks like the fifth tee at a mini-golf course. Designed by untrained, insane clowns. Who only had access to a K-Mart.

Suzi and Wendy are former sorority sisters who will be working on Suzi's attic guest room. We see them at a batting cage. The other homeowners are Dave and Marissa, who want their living room redone. They're on go-karts. Doug races past Marissa and waves his fist in victory. Then we get to meet the design team for this show: it's Doug, Kia, and Amy Wynn. They're goofing around on some pinball-themed mini-golf course. Doug's in bare feet, and you might as well get used to it, because there's a lot of Dougfeet in this episode and the next. More than some of us really care for, in fact. Kia's wearing a pair of overalls torn off below the knee and hemmed in a jagged, toothy edge. Under this is a black sleeveless mock-turtleneck bodysuit. One shoulder of the overalls is unfastened. She's wearing high-heeled, chunky black mules. The questions start here and they just don't stop.

Suzi's guest room looks like it's in a finished attic, with a fairly steep roof slope down one side, and a fan light window at one end. The walls are off-white, the carpet is a dingy pink, and the bed is placed on the diagonal under the slope of the roof. There is a small chair on one side of the bed and low storage units tucked here and there. On the left-hand wall as you come up the stairs is a desk area, consisting of a slab of wood on two filing cabinets. There is a computer on the desk as well as a TV. There are a couple of plain white ceiling fans with lights in the room. The weirdest thing in the room is a metal box bolted to the floor about a foot from the window, which contains a fire ladder. Suzi would, understandably, like to see something done about that. I can only imagine that it must be something installed to adhere to some kind of fire code, so maybe they'll just have to work around it. MPDP voice-overs that Suzi has an open mind, but hopes that the designers take a cue from the rest of her home. Wendy says that they joke that Suzi's decorating style is "themes" (uh oh); she has a ladybug bathroom, and the other guest room's theme is flowers. Two guest rooms? Pretty sweet. Suzi: "I like themes."

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