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Philadelphia: 22nd Street

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Philadelphia: 22nd Street

Shout-outs to stargoddess and Adelheide.

MPDP appears in a colourful, sparkly t-shirt and jeans. She's in front of a fountain in Philadelphia, home to Benjamin Franklin. If you haven't figured out by halfway through the word "Franklin" that the puns and clichés will be all about invention and electricity and so forth...welcome, because you must be new to the show. I'll say this for MPDP: she really tries her best to sell these intros. I couldn't do it without my eyes rolling so far up in my head that surgery would be required to put them back where they belong.

We see two rows of urban townhouses -- one fairly old, one much newer. She informs us that because they are in a cramped urban area, they'll be setting up the carpentry area at the Franklin Institute, a science museum. We see Gen, Edward, and Ty playing around in the museum with an electrical display of some kind. Ty has his snout pressed up against one of the big glass tubes. There's some nattering about "keeping [Ty's] electric personality in check." Well, something about him needs to be kept in check, but I'm not sure I'd say it's his "electric personality." Some kind of shock treatment might actually sort him out.

There's a shot of the two couples walking in the park. Rich and Amy are carrying their infant daughter, Audrey, who is easily the cutest baby I've ever seen on this show. Chris and Patty are walking their two dogs. Patty says that they're redoing their master bedroom. It's a pretty large room, but it's fairly beige and bland. There's a bed with no headboard, and two brownish framed pictures of trees above it. The comforter features a weak floral pattern, and the sheets and bedskirt look like kind of a sage-y colour. There is a small black nightstand on each side of the bed. There are a pair of closets with white doors, and in the corner, there's a window with a sort of dull khaki curtain. Opposite the end of the bed is a dresser in an orangey-toned wood. On the other side of the bed is another curtain-covered window. On the floor on one side of the dresser is some dog bedding, and on the other side is a dog cage. At the other end of the room is another pair of closets. No wonder they only have one dresser. The walls are kind of a taupe-y colour. There's a chair upholstered in orange fabric in front of the window. The light fixture is pretty awful: it's a chrome square with six regular light bulbs hanging down out of it (though there are room for eight). Patty says the room needs to be livened up. Chris says they fixed it up after Zeke, their dog, destroyed part of it. Patty says that the dogs are part of the family, and that they like the dogs to hang out with them as much as possible. ["Ugh, dog people. Just give up: you will never have nice things, ever. Actually, that goes double for baby people." -- Wing Chun] Chris says that Zeke sleeps in the "metal, ugly crate," which he likes, but that it's getting disgusting. Patty wants warm, inviting colours. She doesn't like primary colours or anything too bright. Chris says they'd like a headboard, but even more than that, they'd like dog beds. Patty says she hates the light fixture. She says it's a pretty drab room, and that maybe if it were more comfortable they'd enjoy hanging out in there more, reading.

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