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San Clemente: Camino Mojada

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San Clemente: Camino Mojada

MPDP appears in the middle of a suburban street, and tells us they're in San Clemente, and that on the other side of the hills behind her is the Pacific Ocean. Then we see Gen, Vern, and Ty playing soccer on the beach. They run around dribbling the ball a bit, and then Gen kicks the ball at Ty hard enough to knock him down and dislodge his sunglasses. The camera was a little slow on the uptake so we don't get to see the actual point of impact -- believe me, I replayed it several times hoping -- but I'm pretty sure she beaned him in the head. Girlfriend's got a mean kick, all right. Ty limps away, complaining. I don't think he's just playing it for drama this time, either. Gen continues playing, unconcerned. Interesting to me that she didn't do the girly thing I would have done, which is to be shocked at both the force and aim of my kick, and turn all solicitous. Yes, even for Ty. No, I'm not proud. Shut up.

We see the homeowners working on some hot rod, complete with cheesy painted-on flames. Dan (who looks like a member of one of those ubiquitous and indistinguishable boy bands, with his spiky hair and goatee) and Laurie (sort of a poor man's Loni Anderson -- tm Gustave -- but prettier) want their "loft" done. It seems to be more of a big nook, though, than what I would call a loft. Dan describes it as an upstairs living room. It's open to the rest of the house, so there are only three walls. It's hard to say what colour everything is from this shot; it all looks a lot more yellowy than I think it actually is. The walls could be tan, mushroom, yellowy-brown...hard to say. There's a couch and a matching love seat in a sort of tan colour with plaid cushions. They don't look too bad from a distance, but on close-up they're pretty grubby and nasty. The coffee table is glass with a metal frame. The carpet is probably beige, but looks very yellow in this shot. There's a window covered with wooden plantation shutters, a big old ceiling fan with dark blades, and a framed picture on the wall. There's a TV on a stand in a small nook, with framed posters on the wall behind it. There's a potted plant and a cushion on the floor. That's about it. It's not a very large space. I don't think it's even the requisite 14' x 14', but because it's open to the rest of the house, I guess there wouldn't be the usual problems shooting it. Dan says they just ran out of ideas when they got to this room, and so they stopped. It's painted the same colour as the entryway, onto which it opens. Laurie says what's in the room are things Dan bought when he was just out of college, but that the stuff isn't really her, or "female at all." They don't like country or "shabby chic." They want something fun. They're newlyweds and they want to celebrate that.

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