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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Vern hints at his paint colour by showing his team the fabrics -- a selection of solids in dark blue and purple. He says he knows Dana and Chris like deep, rich colours, and clean lines, and kind of a Zen feel. He says they're going to introduce purple in all its shades and forms.

Frank's ready to reveal his paint. My husband makes a sound halfway between a choke and a gasp when he sees how many cans of paint there are. I count nine. Frank tells Dana and Chris to grab a can and lift the lid. The two they randomly chose are a bright minty green and a coral colour. Oh, lord. They laugh nervously. Frank says that those are two of the colours. He says they're going to "work up to" another colour, at which he opens a can of bright purple paint. It's a fine, fun colour, great for a teenager. He says it's the basic colour of the room. I don't understand the "work up to" comment.

Vern reveals a can of deep blue paint. It's quite a beautiful colour. He says it will dry a little darker.

Frank tells his team to grab brushes. They stand up in front of the wall. The walls have been marked off with tape delineating a horizontal stripe around the middle, maybe six to eight inches wide. He tells them not to paint inside the stripe, and explains that each colour corresponds to a particular shape or icon, and to pick one they like and stick with it. He sketches the way he wants them to paint the shapes and icons; with shapes that are completely enclosed, like a heart or star, he wants the line incomplete, so that there's a little gap. He says they can paint squiggles or spirals or whatever. The bumper to the commercial is Ty sitting in a chair, using a shiny metal dustpan as a sun reflector. No concerns about skin cancer or prematurely aged skin, I guess.

Vern and his team paint. That is an intense colour. Kari says Dana told them to "paint straight." Vern: "'Don't paint swirls, please.'"

A close-up of Frank painting a turquoise swirl on the wall indicates that the walls have that orange-peel texture, which doesn't look anything like an orange peel to me, but that's what people call it. Frankly, it looks to me like it part of the surface was ripped away and it needs to be spackled and repaired, but whatever. Frank seems to be telling his team that they're going to paint all these shapes on the wall, and then paint the purple around them, leaving some white inside each shape. I can't believe it. That seems ridiculously labour-intensive. I also suspect that it can't possibly look that good; it would take a really high level of skill to make that look at all decent. Frank asks Chris what shape he's doing. Chris was going to do a smiley face. Interesting choice for one so expressionless. Frank: "No smiley faces." Man, Frank, you're such a hard-ass. Frank only wants geometric shapes. MPDP asks if she can smile. Frank permits this.

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