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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Vern and Ty discuss whether the bed and entertainment unit should be assembled outside or in the room. They agree that they should be assembled in the room.

Dana's got a bunch of circles cut out of wood and Frank explains that they're going to paint some of the same shapes that are on the wall on these things, and they've got something to do with the drapery. I don't have a clue what he's talking about. Neither does Chris, if you ask me. Frank says that they're mounting these circles on little square blocks of wood, mounting those on the wall, and swagging drapery fabric behind them.

Vern and Tom are outside, and Vern's measuring a sofa. He says he found it downstairs and asks Tom what the deal is with the sofa. Tom says it was in their bedroom until very recently -- as in, right before Trading Spaces got there. Vern laughs about that and asks if they were fearful that the show would do something to it. Tom admits that it was something like that. Cripes, where would they get an idea like that? On the other hand, if you're going to allow your room to be scouted and photographed with certain items in it, and then take them out after the fact, I don't think that's very fair of the homeowners. I don't think it's sporting to present the room with things the designer isn't going to be able to use. Obviously, Vern was expecting to make a slipcover for this sofa, since he had the fabric already. Vern says he thinks the sofa is very cool; it's a modern style with a removable back and two removable arms. They're just going to make a slipcover for it.

Ty's installed the framework of his monkey thing and Frank says it looks like a monkey. It's huge, and it covers much of one (more or less painstakingly painted) purple wall with shapes all over it. So not only was it a complete waste of time/paint/money to work on that wall, but it now looks extra-crappy with this giant wooden thing in front of it. Ty inserts the wooden cutouts that form the mouth and eyeball units, and demonstrates how they will fold down into shelves. It's a cool idea, although I still find the rendering scary. I also maintain that it makes the room way too busy to put this thing in front of those nutty walls -- though I'm all for hiding the walls.

Vern and his team install sheets of maple.

Ty continues explaining his concept, which is that the wall behind the monkey's mouth will be painted with "tonsils and all this other nasty uvula stuff." I bet that's just what Ryanne's dying to see when she's sitting at her desk. Frank wants to know if they have to paint over what's already on the wall, or whether Ty will be installing another board behind there. Ty says they'll have to paint over the wall.

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