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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Vern tell Tom and Kari that they're going attach the sheets of wood to the ceiling next, and will be careful to attach them to the roof joists.

MPDP is working on some art project with Frank, and saying, "So much for this being the easiest art project ever." Frank tells her it's called "creative smashing." As opposed to the kind more often seen on this show. I can't quite tell what they're doing; it looks like they're fitting colourful, very shallow rectangular cardboard forms together inside plastic frames, or something. They end up with some kind of rectangular blocks of solid neon colours that I guess they're going hang on the wall. Because if there's one thing this room lacks, it's splashes of colour.

Vern and Tom struggle to attach the wood to the ceiling. The panels probably aren't extremely heavy, but they're large enough to be unwieldy.

Sewing World. Frank and Dana are making pillows. They've got a bunch of pillows in bright pink, green, coral, blue, and yellow, all in solid fabrics with a kind of grid texture on them. They're piped in contrasting colours. Frank explains he went for solid colours because the walls are so busy and he thought these would show up better. The way this room is going, that's kind of a lost cause. Frank says that the fabric cost a fair bit. He says he had a thousand dollars, and "if you can buy good material, why not spend it?" This seems to be a new philosophy for Frank.

Time to assign homework. Vern says he's going to stay and help. He shows them the six-inch-wide strips that have been ripped down from the maple sheets, which will form the borders or frames, giving the maple a finished, panelled look. This could look really gorgeous if done well.

Frank's team is helping Ty paint his monkey. ("Is that what the kids...") Man, this wall unit alone would be more than enough decoration for just about any room, but with the eighty-two other things going on in here, it's just all too much. There's a blue sky background with white puffy clouds and a big orange sun ringed in yellow. The monkey's mouth is red and also ringed in yellow. The tree and its bark have been either drawn or painted in black; the style of the tree is very different from the bold, simple lines of the rest of the monkey thing. Both of which are different in style and colour from everything else going on in the room. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it, and I haven't even seen half of what's to come. Ty wonders if the homeowners will freak out. Dana says it's a little weird, and that Ryanne might have nightmares. Frank says he thinks they can soften it by putting a couple of stuffed animals on the desk. I've often thought this about Frank's designs, but I don't think he's got much of a grasp of scale and proportion. Especially if he thinks two stuffed animals are going to make any difference to the impact this monkey thing will have.

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