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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Michelle expresses reservation about the peacock feathers. Frank: "And why is that?" Michelle says it's not her personal taste, but she thinks they peacock feathers fight too much with the lamp. And it looks crappy! She won't say that, though. Man, I would like to hear more things on this show honestly described as looking like crap when they bloody well do. Frank tosses the feather aside and says, "Let's not worry about it!" My husband says he likes that about Frank, that he's willing to compromise with the homeowners when they try to rein him in.

Ty's playing guitar. No, I don't know why. It must be part of his ongoing efforts to demonstrate how versatile and multitalented he is. He says he's just taking a little musical break. Stacey comes along to help him with the bench/coffee table. Ty explains his creative modification of the original bench style to Stacey, who pretends to care. Frink: "I'm sure Frank appreciates it." I tell him, "No, he's making that for Doug." Frink: "That's what I mean."

Frank and Michelle glue burgundy cording and beads to the brown lampshade.

Ty tells Stacey about all the things they have to glue and screw.

Frank teaches Jody how to stuff batting into a pillow. He shows Jody how to pull apart and fluff the batting before stuffing it. Frank: "It's like carding wool." Carding wool? Dude, if he doesn't have a clue how to stuff a pillowcase, I don't think the "wool carding" analogy is going to have much power for him.

Ty blathers on about the bench to Stacey as she attempts to put screws into the bench. Ty ribs her about taking her time since they're already behind and it's Day Two.

Frank explains to Jody that they have to sew the cushions closed by hand. It's news to Jody.

Doug brings Stacey and Chris into what is probably their neighbours' living room or family room. The lodgepole entertainment unit is there, as is their other furniture: sofa, orangey-toned wood armoire, etc. Doug says they don't have the money or time to put into an om-wah for the seating area in the bedroom. He gestures to the lodgepole piece, saying they have to get rid of it and it's firewood: "'All I see,' as somebody said to me once in an episode, 'I see a bunch of firewood.'" Hee. I really need to make a macro just for the Crying Pam link, since I have to use it in every other recap. They agree they're not going to use that thing. Doug gestures to the armoire, calling it "Choice B."

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