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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Doug has hung the tulip panel with the yellow blossom on the eggplant background horizontally above the bed. It's sort of interesting turned on its side, but it also now suggests a broom as much as it does a tulip. MPDP says it looks great. Stacey agrees, but thinks they might miss the panels in their original location. MPDP: "You think?" She says that at least they got their chair back. (I guess Doug decided not to use it after all.) Doug picks up the other panel (red blossom on yellow background) and instructs MPDP to hang it above the sofa. She wants to know where the third one's going. He doesn't think they're using that one. He says they're taking the mirrors from the bathroom and hanging them on the wall at an offscreen point he indicates. MPDP drops dramatically onto the bed and covers her face with her hands. She declares, "You cannot do that!" Just try and stop him.

Frank's got his "canopy" on the wall, if you can call fabric swagged against a wall a canopy...and I don't. It's awful. He's got the fabric draped into two large swags and pinched in the middle of the rod. Down each side, there are limp-looking loops of fabric in three layers -- kind of bunched and anchored somehow, with the ends of the fabric trailing down to the floor. Craptastic would be a generous description. It's the kind of thing you see amateur window/display "designers" do in discount stores and low-rent decorating shops. Ick, ick, ick. Also? Ugh. It looks dated, cheap, cheesy, and bleah. Did I mention I hate it? Frink's comment: "Oh, that looks Indian."

Thank God, it's time to wrap this sucker up. Toss those pillows, light those lamps, fluff those peacock feathers, etc. Ty comes in wearing a football helmet and delivers the bench, placing it in front of Doug and his team, where they're sitting on the sofa.. It's reasonably nice-looking, though I wouldn't say it has a tremendous amount do with everything else going on in this room. Doug and his team put their feet up on it. I half-expect it to collapse. Ty throws himself onto their laps. Back in Goofball Gulch, MPDP rings a big triangular bell and announces that's time's up. "Will Chris and Stacey fall in love with Frank's romantic Indian retreat? Will Doug's barrier unite Michelle and Jody or divide them into separate corners?"

During the commercial, Frink's very excited to see the promo for next week's episode, in which one homeowner physically takes down the other during the reveal. Mind you, he can manage to get something out of watching Jerry Springer on occasion, too, whereas I would rather have gum surgery.

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