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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Fast-forward sequence. This should be an interesting reveal. I can't ever remember a room where you could only see half of it at once. There are rooms like the one Doug did in "Maryland: Village Green," for example, where a part of the room was hidden by a high wall, but you could still see most of it. Same with Gen's room in "New York: Whitlock Road," with the half-wall. MPDP starts with them on the sitting-room side. When they open their eyes, Jody says, "Oh my..." Michelle: "Oh my God...look at my painting!" She doesn't look thrilled; I think she's trying to ascertain if anything's happened to the painting, and where the other two panels are. Jody exhales heavily; I think he's impressed. Michelle says it's beautiful: "That's our couch, and that's our painting sideways, and this is a new wall." There's no putting one over on her. MPDP asks if they want to see the other side. They walk over there, where I guess a second camera's already set up. When they get there, Jody's laughing -- I think with relief. Michelle pleasantly says that she really did like the tulips where they were. She says they'll just have to order two more. That's the great thing about mass-produced "art" -- you can buy it by the yard. Jody and Michelle admire the darker stain on the dresser and mirror. MPDP points out that the bedding is wool. Michelle, as I have subsequently read on our forums, is apparently allergic to wool, but she doesn't mention it here. It seems that they have since replicated the bedding in another fabric. They go back to look at the other side again. Michelle says she loves this side and that it will get used all the time. Jody agrees. MPDP says that's "awesome" and squeals with delight, pumping her fist in the air.

Frank's room. Oh, my. To steal a line from Apu: "Krishna H. Vishnu." The walls and ceiling are a dark purple. I liked the colour better on my other TV set than I do on this one -- but I know the colour on this TV is more accurate, so I guess I'm not as crazy about this purple as I first thought. On my other TV it was still dark, but softer, and greyer. It looked so beautiful I was prepared to paint our bedroom that colour when I get to it, rather than the lighter, greyer version of purple I thought I'd already settled on. It's still an okay colour -- just looks grape-ier and less muddy than I'd want. I really like greyed and muddy colours. You can't see it here, but the window wells are painted blue. The bed, with the same headboard, is in the same place, between the windows, with that scoop-de-doo Wal-Mart representation of a "canopy" sort of framing it. Just awful. The bed is piled with an uncoordinated assortment of pillows in what look like a variety of silky fabrics in dark purple, purplish grey, fuchsia, dark blue, burgundy, white, and I don't know what-all. There's a skimpy bolster in a shiny purple and silver fabric that looks like a large, festively dressed sausage. The bedspread and bedskirt seem to be ready-made in an ornate wine and white pattern influenced by Arab ornamentation via Sears. The trash-basket nightstands are on either side of the bed, with the newly corded and beaded lamps on them. Not much room for anything else, though. The navy drapes are back on the windows, with, it looks like, some white curtains underneath. The valances have been printed with gold stencilling. In its original spot is the wing chair -- I can't tell in this light and with all the dark colours going on whether it's been slipcovered or if it's still red. Yes, indeed, I think it's still red. It's draped with some dark purplish-blue fabric. There's a lamp next to it, and next to that is the wooden chest that used to be at the foot of the bed. Above that are four framed pieces of "art" that seem to be mostly white space with some abstract sections of gold paint. Next to the chest is a tall, narrow white cabinet with a shuttered door. There's a vase full of peacock feathers on top of it.

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