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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Fast-forward. Stacey says it smells good in the room. MPDP: "You think? Open your eyes." Stacey does, and looks truly surprised, and then says, "Oh, my God!" She steps back a bit. She covers her mouth and says, "It's beautiful!" Chris calls attention to the TV cabinet as Stacey seems to be getting closer and closer to tears. Stacey proclaims the room "absolutely fabulous." She howls a bit and jumps up and down and gets even closer to tears. Frink raises his eyebrows at me. I just give him my usual weary shrug. Frink says, "It must look really different in real life." MPDP begins pointing out details, such as all the new pillows, the cording and the beading on the lamps, and the stencilling on the valances. Chris remarks on the wall and ceiling colour; he thinks it's "too cool." Stacey loves it. She says he took all the "ugly crappy stuff and made it all look good!" Everyone laughs. Frink: "Oh, ye of little taste." I'm glad the homeowners are happy, because they seem like lovely people, and I just about worship librarians, so I really wanted them to get a nice room. But I do not understand this reaction at all. Anyway. MPDP calls Jody and Michelle in. They offer glasses of wine to their friends and there's hugging and handshaking. Chris seems pleased to learn that Michelle doesn't mind too much about the tulip relocation project. MPDP signs off and thanks everybody, giving Ty special props for the coffee table.

Damn! I forgot to tape What Not To Wear for the second week in a row.

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