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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Chris (a principal) and Stacey (a school librarian) don't know what to do with their master bedroom. It's also a pretty large room, but for some reason it doesn't get called "stadium-sized," even though with windows identical to their neighbours', I presume their houses are pretty similar. The walls are a warm yellow; the carpet's greige. The bed has a black metal headboard and is placed between two windows with dark blue drapes. The bed linens are some kind of Holly Hobbie floral/quilty deal in white and light blue. There are white night tables on each side of the bed and an orangey-toned wooden chest at the end. Along one side of the room is a red wing chair with a lamp and a tall, teensy white table beside it. Next to that is an old-fashioned vanity table and trifold mirror in a warm orangey stain. In the corner next to that, the TV is on a low wooden table. Stacey and Chris say they're excited about having Frank work on their room because he's not afraid of colour and they love colour. Shot of a painting in many shades of pinkish red with lots of strong blue, framed in gold. Stacey mentions that she likes fall colours, and can imagine some purples being used. Chris says the worst thing he can imagine would be country -- which surprises me, since the room is kind of country-ish, though not the nasty clichéd stuff they go on to describe: borders and dried flowers and pastels. They say they're trying to get away from that sort of thing. They claim they're not going to be too uptight and are into the adventure of it all.

Key swap. Boring. I note that a wide, short v-neck is incredibly flattering on MPDP. If she needs an evening gown, she should look for one with a neckline like that and get a beautiful-but-not-too-flashy necklace.

Chris and Stacey find Doug and Ty laying boards out on the floor. When Chris and Stacey arrive, Doug and Ty start tossing a football back and forth. Ty eventually takes the ball from Doug and hurls himself onto the bed, face down, and howls. Doug's wearing a black short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans, looking his usual telegenic self. Stacey says they want to make the room romantic and give it back to the parents. As Ty hauls in wood, Doug announces that they're going to call the room "Barrier." He plans to build a big wall -- six and half feet tall -- to divide the room into sleeping and sitting areas. He says they're going to paint the walls "butternut," and then I guess the divider wall is going to be "rust." Stacey loves that. They unload the room.

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