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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Jody and Michelle wrestle with the "assembly required" furniture.

Doug laments the texture on the walls, because it means he can't do decorative finishes on them: "Everyone out there, don't put this texture on your walls." MPDP asks what is up with the texture on walls. I'll bet they see a lot of that, given how many newer houses they redecorate. Doug explains that it's "cheap and quick," and that it makes things difficult, because it's hard to put tape on the walls and so on. MPDP sings my song: "Things just aren't made like they used to be." Doug: "No, they aren't. And I'm really gonna rebel." You go, Doug! I don't know what your plan for rebellion is, but count me in. I got your back. Anything to stem the tide of these cheap excuses for finishes.

The bumper to the commercial is Ty in Goofball Gulch, jumping off the roof of a one-storey building onto a hay bale, and then rolling onto the ground. Frink's impressed with his stunt capabilities: "Nice." Me: "Well, then again, he doesn't have to worry too much about his head."

The bumper back into the show is Frank walking along the street in Goofball Gulch, wearing a pair of butterfly wings over his cowboy vest. Not sure what that's about at all. Back on the show, Frank explains his art project to MPDP. I can't figure out what the hell he's talking about at all, and I think MPDP's only doing marginally better than I am. Something about freehanding something or other. The usual Frankitude.

Doug's outside with Chris, explaining how they're making a rug by attaching a canvas dropcloth with spray adhesive to the back of a large rectangle of red wool. Frink thinks that's pretty smart. I think it's going to be too thin and bunchy.

MPDP starts painting on some white paper with gold paint. Frank tells her it doesn't have to be a perfect line. Has Frank ever expected a perfect line? No reason to start now.

Chris does the "this project must be very economical" thing with Doug. Doug says that the wool was about $6 dollars a yard and they're only using two yards, and dropcloths are cheap. He thinks the whole project cost less than $24.

As MPDP and Frank continue with their artmaking efforts, MPDP warns Frank that he might have to use his emergency fund for carpentry: "'Cause you're never seeing Ty over here."

Ty, Chris, and Doug struggle to position the wall.

Back to MPDP, who's telling Frank with exasperation, "Well, you know, they're building a friggin' wall!" Ha! Frink laughs and says, "That's excellent." Never heard her say that before. Even Frank looks mildly alarmed and asks if it's the Great Wall of China. She complains that "he" (Doug? Ty?) won't be serious with her, so she doesn't know if it's going smoothly or not. I guess MPDP's inherent sense of fairness (Libra, don't you know) is always troubled when one designer hogs the carpenter.

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