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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

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Scottsdale: Windrose Drive

Ty continues assembling the wall. Doug asks if it's okay to "pop this line." I don't know what he's referring to. Ty: "I'm going to pop somebody really soon." Doug dissolves into giggles.

Frank and Jody are in Sewing World. They joke about having bumper stickers that read, "I'd rather be sewing." I thought Frank's would read, "I'd rather be painting decorative flourishes." Frank shows Jody the cushion fabrics.

Stacey recommends removing the ceiling fan; it seems barely to clear this new wall, and is also centred above it, which looks stupid and probably wouldn't be very efficient. Doug: "You said it, baby!" Frink: "Are you insane? Do you know what city you live in?" I shush him. I want the ceiling fan eighty-sixed.

Frank says they're reusing the navy blue drapes because they go with the colours they're using and they're good curtains. He says they may alter the valance a bit, but he's still deciding on that.

MPDP shows up to see how things are going for Ty. He says that things are coming along. Chris is wearing a pair of safety glasses that are just enormous on his face for some reason. Chris says that he thinks things are going great, but that he's concerned that Ty's been working on this room almost all day, so he's sort of wondering what's getting done (or not) for his house. MPDP laughs and tells him he's a "very perceptive fellow."

Frank takes Jody through an excruciatingly boring segment of step-by-painful-step sewing instruction. I'm going to spare you all, and you're going to be grateful, dammit.

MPDP wonders when Ty expects he will be able to start working on things at the other house. Ty, climbing up onto the ladder, wonders if there's anything particularly critical going on at the other house that he needs to know about. MPDP hesitantly admits that there isn't, and then leans over to grab the back of Ty's pants and hoist them up (though there was no crackage that I could see -- I guess she was just generally offended). I don't know, it's nothing I need to see either, but isn't that the crop top calling the belly shirt black? We see more of MPDP's midriff than we do of cheap fabric and bloated egos on this show. MPDP walks away, complaining that she needs sunglasses or something to keep from going blind. Heh. Ty suggests putting "a little caulk in that crack." Too...many...jokes...brain...meltdown. I guess at the very least we can conclude he's not a size queen.

It turns out Jody's sewed all four sides of the cushion closed. He claims Frank didn't tell him to leave an opening. He and Frank bicker gently about it.

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