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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Laurie's hanging curtains as her team arrives with six huge pillows in the striped fabric, bright yellow, and Kermit green.

Frank's team finishes hanging curtains and screwing finials. And once again the "wrap it up" music comes on. I tell Frink: "This music is awful...but God I love it." MPDP appears again with some of the groupies (mostly kids) and they all yell, "Time's up!" MPDP voice-overs: "Will Brian and Tracee appreciate the new, comfortable and kid-friendly family room? And are Steve and Julie ready to welcome more green into their home?" The bumper to the commercial shows MPDP hanging some of her art on the wall. The frame immediately falls to the floor.

Frank's room is a lovely, warm yellow colour. The furniture -- which used to be arranged around the fireplace -- has been shifted more to the side, and arranged around the armoire. On either side of the armoire are two plain new pine toy boxes, sort of stained to "match" but not really relating to the armoire in any other way. Above each toy box is a three-tiered shelf mounted on the wall. One looks slightly higher than the other; I hope that's just an illusion. The sofa has been slipcovered with a fabric that's a slightly lighter yellow than the walls, and the two armchairs and the ottoman have been slipcovered in the red fabric. The red just has too much pink in it, though. There's a tray painted the same colour as the walls on top of the ottoman. The sofa has a bunch of pillows on it in different solid colours, including pink, which just looks bad. The fireplace has been left white, which normally I'd go for, but in this case it only accentuates the goofy angle at the top. The panels above the mantel on the fireplace have been decoupaged with the mottled green paper, and two little rectangular sections of paper have been applied to each end of the area under the mantel. That really does not look good. There are some fat ivory candles in black holders on the mantel. The curtains are an almost cobalt blue; they're a little too pure and intense for the slightly muddy colour on the wall. Primary colour combinations may seem foolproof, but they're far from it. Too many variations of red, blue, and yellow. The red and the blue sort of work together, but none of the other colour pairs do. And then there's that incongruous green on the mantel, which coordinates with nothing. I don't know where the letter art has been hung. And there's a nubbly off-white rug underneath the seating area.

Well, it's pretty typical room for Frank. It's a little less fussy than he often goes for, but I just don't think he has any colour sense to speak of, though I do like the wall colour. Those ready-made slipcovers are by and large pretty awful, and the bows you have to tie them with are just ugly. I'm not sure if these people use their fireplace, but if they do, they may not enjoy having all the furniture oriented away from it. Still, at least some of it is oriented toward the TV, which I presume is in the armoire. There's nothing particularly special or coherent about the design. It's just kind of disjointed and meh.

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