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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Laurie appears for the debriefing wearing a black halter top with a thick collar and an insert of some kind of see-through fabric (mesh, illusion, something like that) over the chest area, cut in a deep V. Um...okay. MPDP says it's surprising, given how much Laurie spent on fabric, that this is her least expensive room ever: she spent $989 and change. She spent over $600 on fabric. Man. I think she must be including the cost of the ready-made slipcovers in that figure. MPDP asks her about incredible flea market finds. Laurie talks about finding the Van Gogh print, which she'd never seen and took her by surprise, since she is such an art history buff. She decided to base the room on it. She found the painting before the fabric. We see a close-up shot of the fabric in the coffee table, and while the lines don't quite line up with Yipian precision, what bugs more is that the fabric seems to be too small for the surface, and you can see some of the MDF behind it -- unevenly from side to side, too. I think what may have happened is that the fabric shifted after the top was nailed down, probably while moving it. They probably turned the table on its side to get it in the door, and it slid around, and now they can't put it back without busting the frame off the table. If you're going to do something like this, be sure to tack the fabric down in some way. And don't use Plexiglas. Laurie talks about giving them storage in the coffee table. MPDP says she was happy to see the room come together on time and under budget.

Fast-forward sequence, and then the camera's on Julie. She looks, and looks surprised, and then gasps, wide-eyed. Steve: "Wow!" He pauses. "Holy crap! Look at these changes!" Julie starts crying and Steve comes over to hug and kiss her. She squeals, "It's so beautiful!" Steve says that he's just checking it out and taking it all in. He asks about the horizontal stripes; MPDP says that they were inspired by the pillow fabric. MPDP points out the storage in the coffee table; Steve's pretty happy about that. She calls their attention to the entertainment unit, with its new doors. Steve: "Who cares about the table? We got ten lemons out of the deal! Sweet!" Somewhere Vern mutters, "Get your own word." (Shouldn't that be "Sour!" anyway?) Julie loves the colour. MPDP says that the room was inspired by the print. She encourages them to feel the ultrasuede slipcovers. Steve: "I'm gonna get a jogging suit just like this!" Ha! I wish we'd heard more from him during this episode. Seems like he knows from snark. Brian and Tracee run in and everybody hugs and squeals. Steve tells Brian that Julie's crying, and that it's pretty cool that he made her cry. MPDP signs off, stating that once again they've pulled off the challenge and that she marvels at it every time. She thanks Laurie and Frank and Carter. Oh, yeah, him. I'd almost forgotten about him. Who knows how entertaining he's going to be? Hard to tell from this episode. But remember, kids: talent is for ugly people.

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