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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Frank reveals his paint: it's a peachy, melon-y colour. No, wait! That's on the bad TV. It's actually a warm, soft, attractive yellow. Frank asks if they think their neighbours will like it. Steve doubtfully says, "No." Frank, genuinely concerned: "They won't?" Steve punches him on the arm and Julie laughs, "We love it!" The camera cuts away on Frank doing an extremely alarming imitation of a heart attack.

Laurie pulls a scrap of fabric out of her shirt sleeve: "Wala!" Meaning, of course, "Voilà!" She presents the fabric with a flourish and fondles it: it's a chartreuse-y green with a muted white stripe. She says they'll make pillows out of it and then base the stripes on the wall on it.

Frank and his team debate the need for one or two coats of paint. The colour looks really nice on the walls -- very rich and appealing. Steve thinks it's going on pretty rich and creamy. They yammer about texture and whether you can say the word "texture" on cable. Whatever. Steve says, "I think Frank has a rich and creamy texture about him, too." Frank glares at Steve from the ladder.

Laurie reveals her paint. It's a strong kind of celadon colour, which she says is a deeper version of the kitchen colour. It's nice, but I don't see it with that fabric. She says that this colour will be the colour of the stripe in the chartreuse fabric, which looked white to me, but maybe it is this colour. Actually, on close-up, I see that it is indeed that colour, and has a thin white border on each side of each stripe. Laurie then shows a fairly bright yellow paint which is going to flank some white in the wall stripes, or something. I can't detect any singular yellow in that fabric, but clearly, Laurie finds yellow wherever it's to be found. Then she reveals a fairly acid green, which is the main colour of the fabric. My immediate suspicion is that this cannot be rendered in paint with nearly the subtlety that it has been in fabric. Certainly not in two days, mostly by amateurs. It's a very tough combination to pull off.

Frank tells Steve where to paint. They gripe about how big the room is.

Laurie yammers about the plan for stripes. Laurie says that yellow is serving as a bright accent in this room, and calls the sorta-celadon colour turquoise, which I really don't see as turquoise. It's much more jade than turquoise. Laurie gets ribbed about comparing one of the colours to one of the stripes in her shirt. Tracee asks, "Did you plan that?" Laurie laughs and talks about how she gets so into the planning of a room. She's "feeling it."

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