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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Laurie wants Carter to add some doors to the entertainment unit. He smiles adorably and says that's easy. Somewhere in the background, Eddie the Master Carpenter snorts and curses under his breath. Laurie says that Carter will have to come take the measurements, and pats him on the chest. Does she touch Ty this much? (Does Ty touch Ty this much?)

Frank applies decoupage medium, the better to decoupage with. I find these craft project segments pretty tedious.

MPDP arrives in Laurie's room. She seems to approve of the colour. She tries to stir up concern about the colour, but fails.

Frank does the "what about your room" thing with Tracee. She says that she trusts Laurie completely, and thinks she might be doing something contemporary. She adds, "Maybe something 'butter yellow,' you never know." They talk about how the colour they're using is very Laurie, though Frank points out, "She'd call it something like 'amber cream,' 'buttermilk fawn,' or something...I love the way she says, 'You know, I think this would be just perfect here, don't you?' She's so cute." Aw. Even though he's ragging on her, it's pretty gentle.

Brian and Carter have a bunch of "what up?" exchanges. Carter: "Now we have to go outside for some manly ready for this? Yeah, you been waitin' all day for this, right?" Golly, with dialogue like this, maybe I'll need more expressions like "dry-humping" in the immediate future. Carter explains the coffee table project.

MPDP drops into a bedroom where Sewing World is set up and Steve is sewing some navy curtains for the room. Frank's lying on the bed in the background, fondling and fluffing cotton batting and stuffing pillows. MPDP suddenly turns her head and notices Frank there for the first time. Frank asks her to peel him a grape as Steve says he was hoping MPDP would start talking about Frank before she noticed him.

Carter continues instructing Brian on the coffee table.

Frank explains to MPDP that they're sewing the ready-made drapes because they need to be shortened. She wants to know whether he's going to use the excess for pillows. Frank: "No way!" Me to Frink: "Yeah, because then they'd coordinate. God forbid."

Carter holds some wood for Brian to nail. Carter: "You got some nice nails there, Brian."

MPDP advocates the creation of a "little lumbar pillow" from the excess curtain material. Frank questions the need for such a thing, but Steve likes the idea. Frank is unconvinced.

Carter asks Brian what he thinks of the room so far. Brian thinks it's great. Carter says that the boxes will help, because the kids can put all their toys in them. Frink thinks they should make the parents some Skinner boxes, so they can put all their kids in them. Carter wishes he had big boxes like that when he was a kid: "But I didn't have any toys, so what are you gonna do, y'know? Back in the day, you know? Boy, I tell you...when I was younger...Whoo...We didn't have any of this stuff..." Brian: "What, two or three years ago?" Heh. Carter: "Oh! I see how it is!" The bumper to the commercial is Carter chatting up the statue. I hope that's not an indicator of his IQ level.

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