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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

The bumper back into the show is Frank pretending to sleep and sucking his thumb. At least, I hope he's pretending. Either way, not an image I needed in my head.

Laurie tries to instruct her team on how to snap a chalk line. She counts to three in a really exaggerated, dramatic way. I remark to Frink: "Somebody really needs to be a kindergarten teacher." They snap the line and it ends up crooked. Laurie claims it's okay, and that they can touch it up with paint, but she bites her finger for dramatic effect.

Julie (I think) helps Carter with his wood.

Laurie and her team are taping up the lines with a laser level now, which they agree is a much better approach. They've taped right across a doorway, when MPDP arrives with a box of stuff Laurie had shipped. MPDP wonders if there's some "special eyeball retina thing" she can "do" to make the doorway open up or something. Laurie gets all excited when she sees her box of stuff. I must know: how is it that MPDP, that dancing fool, missed this opportunity to shake what her momma gave her and limbo under that tape? They start opening the box, which Laurie claims contains the inspiration for the room. I thought the fabric was the inspiration.

Carter and Julie are outside working on a box of some sort when he realizes he's attached a shelf on the wrong side of its supports. But he's just all sort of cute and adorable about it, like a puppy who knows he's not supposed to be chewing your slippers. He doesn't start bellowing and destroying it with a sledge hammer like some people we could name. Not that that isn't just adorable in its own warped way, I suppose.

Laurie unwraps a Van Gogh print she's had framed. MPDP is completely overcome by it. It's an infrequently seen one, I think -- I'd not seen it before, anyway, and neither had Laurie and MPDP -- called Emperor Moth, St. Remy. It's all in shades of mossy, olive-y greens and greeny-yellows. Right up Laurie's alley, other than not being abstract. I quite like it. Everyone oohs and aahs. Laurie's all excited over the colour coordination.

Carter decides to try to pry off the misapplied board.

MPDP rummages through Styrofoam peanuts for the rest of Laurie's stuff. She comes up with a little dark yellow tin vase that's similar in colour to a bubble-wrapped plate she's already holding. MPDP squeals. It's a funky-looking little vase, but I don't know that it's squeal-worthy. But MPDP says she's really jealous. Laurie got this stuff at a flea market real cheap.

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