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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Frank walks back a few feet and says that the decoupage thing looks great at a distance. It doesn't.

Laurie tells Tracee that they've got a lot of sewing. When does Laurie not have a lot of sewing? They're making a very tailored slipcover for the ottoman.

Julie and Steve have been left with some really bright, fairly pinkish-red slipcovers. They're supposed to figure out how to get them on the two chairs. There's also a sort of yellowy-brown cover for the sofa.

Laurie asks whether Tracee understands what they're doing in the rest of the room. She doesn't really. She asks whether they're slipcovering the sofas; Laurie says that she actually prepurchased them. When I first watched this, I misunderstood and thought she'd bought sofas, not slipcovers. She says that the slipcovers are a funky material, a sort of Ultrasuede material. She adds that they will need to do some major ironing.

Steve and Julie struggle to figure out the huge red slipcover. Julie loves the colour. They decide to start with the arms.

Laurie assigns the "homeworks." We finally get a good look at the kitchen, which is indeed a lighter shade of green, though in this light it looks more yellowy and the celadon Laurie chose has a fair bit of blue undertone. They have to put on as many coats of paint as possible so that the Kermit green becomes olive, not pea. Good luck with that. I think that colour is just going to get pea-ier.

MPDP helps Carter bring in one of the toy boxes to be stained, along with a tray for the ottoman.

Laurie says that Brian and Tracee need to prime and paint the new coffee table black. And they need to prime and paint the entertainment centre, with its new doors, cream.

MPDP rides Carter about whether the toy box and tray are the only things he's gotten done today. He says he's got another whole toy box outside. He also says he's done stuff for Laurie. He seems really good-natured. That should wear off after a few Hildi and Kia episodes.

Laurie runs off to rummage through the garage for a mirror, which apparently Julie okayed.

Frank tells his team to putty, sand, and stain the toy boxes. They're also to paint the tray the same colour as the walls.

Day Two. Laurie finds her team outside. Tracee's sitting on the coffee table, next to the entertainment centre. Laurie asks what they think of the stripes. They say they like them. Apparently, they did many coats of the Kermit green. Laurie thinks that the furniture looks amazing.

Frank arrives to hear Steve say they don't want "Frankie" to be upset with them. Frank says, "Frankie is not upset." Frink: "Frankie say relax." Frank continues: "Frankie is feeling perky...because you've done the boxes! You've done the tray." He's happy. Steve and Julie aren't sure whether the toy boxes need another coat of polyurethane -- there's only one thick coat. Frank thinks it will be fine, and maybe if there's extra time, they can do another coat.

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