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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

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South Carolina: Innisbrook Lane

Laurie says she's going to go get ready to remove the tape on the stripes, and asks them to get rid of some fussy little appliqué or medallion on the entertainment centre.

Frank and Steve haul in a rug. Frank wanted a nondescript rug to match their existing nondescript carpet. He didn't want it to stand out; he just wants it to cover some bad spots. The bumper to the commercial shows Frank in a very scary brown wig that's kind of on his head lopsided. It's really disturbing how different a head of dark hair makes Frank look. And with it on, he reminds me of somebody, but I can't for the life of me think who it is.

Laurie comes running down the hall and through the tape across the door. They start removing the tape. I am really not loving the celadon, yellow, and Kermit green together. The yellow and Kermit green are fine together. The celadon's all wrong. The combination is making me feel kind of sick.

Frank and his team unroll and arrange the rug.

Laurie and her team carefully remove tape.

Tracee and Brian touch up the stripes. MPDP arrives and is disappointed to discover that she doesn't get to rip the tape off the doorway. MPDP wonders if Laurie did it "with panache." Brian asks her what she thinks of the striped wall. MPDP loves it. Brian loves it, too.

Steve arrives with a slipcover for the ottoman and gets yelled at by Frank for sitting on the already slipcovered chair, probably because they already got it more or less straightened out, and from what I hear, those Sure-Fit type slipcovers are a real pain in the butt to keep looking neat. If you can't even perch on them for a ten-second scene, how are they supposed to hold up to everyday life?

Tracee says she's very jealous of her neighbours' room. MPDP offers to help them touch up, and goes off to get a brush.

Steve presents the slipcover on which he says he did the brunt of the work. I guess he sewed it, but the red fabric seems to match the ready-made cover on the chair. Maybe Frank bought a second chair slipcover and they used the fabric from that.

Carter's removing a ceiling fan for Laurie. Random Deep Thoughts Dept.: How come the pants are never falling off the good-looking carpenters and plumbers? Laurie pulls out this silver-coloured fixture which is basically the shape and proportion of one of those desk bells that they have on reception desks and retail counters. I don't think it's nearly the right scale for a fixture for this room. Laurie rambles about the light hugging the ceiling while Carter actually works.

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