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South Carolina: Sherbourne Drive

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South Carolina: Sherbourne Drive

MPDP wears a baseball jersey and some jeans with holes in them. I thought that look went out in the mid-1990s. She explains that she's in the oldest minor league ballpark in America, and then proceeds to torture some more baseball metaphors in introducing the homeowners.

Neal and Lena are having their dining room done. They also have a really cute dog. At first, I thought it was a black Lab, but then it looked more like a Weimeraner. But they are silver. And then I thought it was a Great Dane without the cropped ears. Like anyone other than me cares about these things. Kristen and Andrew are having their den redone. MPDP catches a fly ball and introduces Edward (without the ponytail!), Doug, and Carter. Boy, that Carter is purty. You know he's good-looking when Deborah -- who is not given to fangirl slobbering over cute boys like I am -- kept talking about it in last week's recap. I theorize that Ty asked for a pay raise, because he's all popular with the girls and stuff, and the producers were like, "Oh, yeah?" and brought in Carter and now Ty looks like Oldy McLeatherface while Carter looks like JFK Jr. Doug advises Carter (who is playing catcher) to put a mask on, and calls him "pretty-boy." Hee! Threatened much, Doug?

Lena and Neal describe their dining room as "awkward" because it's long and narrow, and designed to be two rooms. We get our first glimpse of the room, which is long and narrow as advertised. White walls, beige carpet, and a brick fireplace. Lena doesn't like the brick fireplace, because she thinks it's too dark, and she hates the mantel, which is just a brown wood shelf. It looks like there is paneling on the walls that has been painted. Neal says that they have seen some of Edward's work and were "pleasantly surprised." Lena hopes he makes their neighbors work really hard. I like how they ask what the homeowners think of the designers now. They didn't used to do that.

Now Kristen and Andrew's dog looks like a bloodhound. I'm just going to assume it's a mutt. Which I am all for. My dog is a mutt, too. Yay, mutts! Anyway. Kristen and Andrew hope that Doug turns their den into a room for the whole family. Kristen explains that they went with a baseball theme in the den, which they like, but that it's limiting. Their before room looks like Kia did it. It's got a baseball wallpaper border, which they must have searched high and low to find, and you have to wonder why. Then below the border, the wall is painted red, and there is baseball memorabilia all over. Andrew says that he's not a good interior decorator and that it shows in that room. Hee! At least he admits it. Kristen says she likes "deep, rich colors," but doesn't want the room to be too dark. She also doesn't think they are "ultra-modern," but they do like things updated, but not too trendy. What in the hell does that even mean? Andrew was excited to get Doug, because he's "the wild card," and since they don't like the room they have now, they don't care what Doug does to it. Kristen adds that they will either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. So true. Good attitude to have, too.

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