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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

Shout-out to thelittleblueworm.

MPDP appears in jeans and a turquoise Johnny collar t-shirt and says they're in San Antonio. She informs us that Texas (in Spanish) means "friend." I wonder what the Spanish word is for "neighbourly lawsuit." We see Hildi, Vern, and Ty hanging out at some zoo or something, playing with birds. One bird sits on Ty's shoulder and chews his collar.

Homeowners: Dana and Lynette, schoolteachers. Neighbours are Carlos and Laura. They picnic under a tree. Dana wants her room to continue to be a homey, family place. The room is a basic, featureless white box with beige carpeting, lots of plaid furniture, mostly in blue and white, with orangey-toned knotty pine furniture (coffee table, entertainment unit, side tables). The windows have Venetian blinds on them, and there are lots of countryish accents around the room: quilts and floral chintz pillows, etc. Lynette says Dana's always had a country theme in there, and now wants something different. Dana is fine with the couches being reupholstered or slipcovered, but just doesn't want them painted. Lynette says there's a chair in the family room that everyone falls in love with when they sit in it; it's a pink, grey, and white plaid with a matching ottoman. It's butt-ugly, but I believe it's comfortable. Lynette says they can slipcover it or change the colour of it, but not the design or the feel of it: "It needs to stay the same." Yeah, good luck with that. For those of you new to the show: this is when you know she's getting Hildi. Dana wants it to be a "happy but warm" space. She just doesn't know how to pull that together.

Carlos and Laura's family room has beige walls, a greige carpet, and a white ceiling. As in Dana's room, this one is open to the kitchen. The upholstered furniture is a three-piece set -- couch, love seat, and side chair with matching ottoman -- in a pale blue and white stripe with rolled arms. It's accented with yellow pillows that go with precisely nothing. There's a small, light blue Oriental area rug under the coffee table. The three narrow windows have white blinds on them. The requisite godawful ceiling fan in dark wood and brass presides over the room. The wooden furniture is all a dark reddish-brown, and their prized possession in this room is a three-piece entertainment unit with open shelves on each end and an armoire-style central unit. It's not bad-looking as those things go. It's Carlos's favourite thing, and he doesn't want it painted or touched in any way. Laura wants something done to the couches, and says they're really ugly. Indeed they are. Then we see a shot of the love seat, as Laura says it's broken and needs to be thrown out: I think there's a yellow throw over the back of it, but at first I thought all the fabric had been removed from the back and it was just the stuffing sticking out there! It's that colour yellow. I was all embarrassed for them. Laura says she'd like to see some "happy, bold, elegant colours." Carlos would like a different colour on the walls. Laura doesn't think she would like wallpaper. Her favourite colour is red, and she'd like to see that incorporated into the room. You lucky thing, you. You've got Vern! You don't have to twist his arm to get him to use red.

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