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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

Vern asks Dana what is the worst thing that could happen in her house. Without hesitation, Dana says, "Black." I think you could have guessed that by looking at her family room; Mary Engelbreit probably would have found it a little too sweet. Dana says she likes to wear black but not have it in her house.

Hildi explains they're painting it black because nothing else would cover the plaid. Oh, geez, I don't know; enough coats of that crap would probably cover it. Hildi says they're going to give it two coats of black paint and then paint little flowers on it to connect it to the scarf. Hildi insists it will be very mod (yeah, just like Dana) and that "it's still going to be her favourite chair." Oh, I betcha. ["Until she sits on it and the paint cracks." -- Wing Chun]

Vern shows Dana how to apply the imitation gold leaf with a soft brush. He says that a little bit of the red will show through, which is part of the traditional gold-leaf process. He mentions that real gold leaf would have cost way too much.

Hildi's more or less done the first coat and asks what they think. Laura says, "Well, I like it, but..." Hildi tells Carlos and Laura that that's all that's important: "If you like it and you like it and I love it, well, we're on track." She gives one of her trademark hip shimmies to emphasize her point.

More gold-leafing.

Hildi instructs her team to paint flowers on the chair in such a way that it helps tie it to the scarf colours and pattern.

Ty's installing the light fixture -- a black metal five-arm chandelier. Dana, installing the curtains, asks him what he's doing. He jokes that he's checking for dust bunnies. Vern says it's looking good, and that it's the perfect height. Everyone talks at once for a while, and then Dana says she thinks her neighbours can live without the ceiling fan. Vern says it can always go back up.

Hildi paints a sample flower on the black chair to demonstrate what she's after. She tells Laura and Carlos not to forget the back.

Ty has other things to do, so he asks Vern to finish installing the light. The wires need to be tucked in and the cap affixed to the ceiling; however, I don't see the cap on there at all...and I wonder if Ty's making his escape because he realizes he forgot to put the cap on the chain before wiring it in and wants to get out before anyone notices.

Carlos and Laura dis each other's flower painting skills. The chair looks like ass. It makes me think of Barbie furniture and accessories from my childhood, which would come with little flower stickers and decals to decorate them with. Except Barbie's chair would be pink, not black.

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