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Texas: Ghostbridge

Hildi's got a big piece of white PVC pipe and wants Ty to make her a lamp. Actually, she wants two. Ty takes the PVC and says, "That's a French drain." If you say so.

MPDP and Vern are gold-leafing, and she wonders if there are any more steps to the process or whether that's it. He explains that they have to gold-leaf the centre portion of the table yet. MPDP's excited that they're almost finished.

Ty comes out to where Carlos and Laura are working: "What's going on, man, and what are you guys doing to that chair, and what is up with that chair?" Well said, Tygert. Carlos says they're trying to change it from the dull black to something exciting that will match. Laura volunteers, "Psychedelic," as Ty strokes the soft, appealing texture (not) of the chair. He says, "It has the essence of Hildi being here." It sure does, dude. He shows them the two lamp bases he has in his hands, warning them, "Don't even ask me what these are." He says he was told to build some lamps. Carlos seems skeptical; Ty explains that the bases are going to hold columns of PVC pipe. He figures light will come through it nicely.

Lynette is steaming wrinkles out of the slipcover for the chair and a half. She's using an iron, although you'd think the show would have a professional-quality steamer. Ha! Just kidding. Have you seen the wrinkles in some of the finished rooms on this show? I'm surprised to learn they've got an iron on hand. Vern says it looks really good; Lynette indicates that she's nearly finished and ready to do the couch. She shoots some steam at Vern. He thanks her.

Hildi's got the scarf spread out over a table top painted black. This is going to be the coffee table, once it's topped with glass. Laura says it's going to be cool. It is a cool idea, though I don't like this scarf enough to like this particular rendering of the idea.

Vern, Ty, and Dana unload a couch from the Trading Spaces truck amidst much groaning and grunting and carrying on from Ty.

And it's finally time to wrap it up. MPDP announces "time's up" and asks, "Will Hildi's scarf-inspired design be a smash hit or a heartbreaker? Will Vern's golden touch be enough for Carlos and Laura to 'stick' with their wallpaper?"

Vern's room. The walls are a warm light brown; the ceiling is still white, and the windows are covered with curtains in red cotton with borders along each side in a much darker red. There's a large, solid red area rug underneath the seating group. Facing the wallpapered focus wall is the new sofa in a velvety, solid medium brown fabric. To its right is the chair and a half in a coordinating solid brown cottony fabric. There's a small three-drawer side table on each side of the chair, each with a matching lamp on it. The red and gold cushions are on the sofa and chair. The coffee table is a large square floating on a much smaller pedestal, with a border of gold leaf around the recessed central area, which is lined with mirror and filled with candles. Behind the sofa is the folding screen, which is covered with gold leaf except for the wide red border. Between the sofa and the screen there's a console table, though we don't get a good look at it. Against the wallpapered focus wall, the central armoire of the entertainment unit still stands. Next to it, there's a new floor lamp with a straight stand and a drum shade in a sort of aged parchment or manila colour. Next to that, the chaise longue/lounge is set on an angle facing into the room. It's been recovered with the nubby dark red fabric and is accented with a brown pillow in a soft fabric and a red throw. The black metal chandelier has had tiny shades added to it in the same colour as the other lampshades in the room. The other two pieces of the entertainment unit -- the open shelves -- have been put side by side on the wall opposite the windows.

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