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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

On the whole, I love this room. The wallpaper is just fantastic, and I generally like this combination of colours. I have a real dislike for gold-coloured metals, though, especially in home décor, and I think that, in this room, what might have been even better than gold leaf is copper leaf. I think it would have worked very nicely with the rich browns and reds in this room. I think the gold here is just too brassy. But that's just me, and I realize most people seem to prefer gold, so there you go. Also, it's very hard to tell with the lighting, but I wondered if all the reds in the room worked well together. The things that were painted red seemed somewhat at odds with the red fabrics and carpet. These are fairly minor quibbles, though, and overall it's a very attractive, liveable, comfortable room, and the money was well spent.

MPDP says it's a dramatic, radical change, but that it came together quickly and easily and under budget. Vern said that the sofa and love seat they had were "shot," so he couldn't just recover them; he had to replace them. He mentions that Laura and Carlos had this beautiful entertainment centre, and all they did was separate it into two distinct pieces. Vern says he's never done wallpaper before and never thought he would. He feels that it makes the room very dramatic and warm. MPDP mentions the red, and Vern says Laura loves red. He feels it works well in the room, and with the gold in particular. MPDP says she really enjoyed doing the leafing. Vern spent $998.41. MPDP wants to know how he managed to get two new upholstered pieces on that budget. I'm also wondering about the console table and side tables, because I don't think those are from their house and they sure weren't built on the show. MPDP points out that the chaise was the only piece that wasn't broken, so they recovered that. Vern says that about forty minutes out of the city, he found these wonderful outlets, and he got incredible deals on beautiful, brand-new furniture. He hopes Laura and Carlos will love it, but you just never know.

Then we get the fast-forward sequence, during which there's much jitterbugging about from all involved, and then MPDP's got Carlos and Laura in the room. She tries to get Carlos pointed the right way and then says they can open their eyes. Laura opens 'em, gasps, smiles, and cries, "Oh my God! This is beautiful!" They exclaim like crazy over everything and use the word "beautiful" over and over again. Laura wipes away a happy tear or two. She mentions that she loves red. She also says she thinks it's so silly when people cry, but the room is so beautiful. Carlos notices the wall, and MPDP explains that it's wallpaper made out of wood. Laura says she kept saying she didn't want any wallpaper, but admits that it's absolutely gorgeous: "Oh, I love this room, I love it!" She laughs and hugs MPDP; Carlos proclaims it "awesome." Laura wonders if it's their couch under there; MPDP explains that both the sofa and chair are new, and that the couch is actually a sofa bed. Laura: "Wow, thank you, that's beautiful!" I like her a lot for saying "thank you"; even a lot of the HOs who love their rooms seem not to bother saying it during the reveals. They both thank Vern and go off to do Dana's reveal.

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