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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

Let's go to the hop, oh baby! In Hildi's family room, the various walls are yellow, turquoise, light Barney purple, and coral. The long and unbroken wall is white, and covered with 12" vinyl records. In front of that wall is a long, low platform painted black, with three rectangular boxes on it painted purple, coral, and yellow, with a space for the TV in between the coral and yellow ones. The fronts of the boxes are covered with pegboard doors painted black. The PVC pipe lamps are on the yellow and purple boxes, and they look about as good as you would expect a last-minute concoction of MDF and PVC to look. The two sofas -- one slipcovered coral and the other in purple -- are set facing each other, perpendicular to this wall. Between them is the glass-topped, scarf-covered coffee table -- which is an interesting piece, for sure, but at odds with the generally unsophisticated design and colours of the rest of the room. The purple couch is in front of the windows, which have curtains on them in very wide stripes of turquoise and white. The white spaces on that wall above and behind the curtains also have records affixed to them. The black screen with looped lines painted on it in the colours of the room is positioned to separate the kitchen and family room. There's a small ottoman -- which I think was part of Granny's precious set -- now covered with yellow fabric, as are the two bar stools which are under the counter which faces into the family room. The now-Hildeous black-painted, flower-decorated chair is near the orange slipcovered sofa, bearing an awkward relationship to the rest of the furniture in more ways that one. I'm sure Granny is whirling in her grave. Track lighting has replaced the ceiling fan. That, at least, looks better. You know, if you showed me nothing but this finished room, and asked me which designer did it, I would have guessed Gen. (And I would think it was a pretty cohesive room for Gen.)

Except for the chair, which is just plain ugly and awful, this could be an okay room for the right person -- maybe someone who loved bright, childish, cartoonish colours and retro design -- and the right place, which would more likely be a rec room or basement party room. But Dana is obviously not the right person for this room at all, and I expect she's not going to like it. Among other things, she didn't want black, and she's got a fair bit of it now, because despite the colourful labels, the record wall is primarily black. And now her beloved chair has been painted black, and there are a lot of black accents in the room. Yeah, she'll love this. The best thing I can say about the room is that other than the chair, Hildi didn't ruin any of the HO's existing furniture, and removing the records and patching the holes will be the main repair required. It's a hassle, but it's not nearly as bad, say, as putting tens of thousands of tiny holes in a wall that needs a vapour barrier.

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