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Texas: Ghostbridge

MPDP mentions the many elements in this room, not the least of which is all the colours. Just once, I'd like MPDP to ask Hildi (or Kia, for that matter) what she's been smoking. I'll bet Carol Smillie would. Hildi gabs about the colours for a bit and says they're fun. MPDP mentions all the slipcovering, and Hildi says that's what the HO wanted. MPDP mentions that she probably wanted her precious chair slipcovered, too. The Slipcover Queen dismisses that as "way too hard." Nope, not buying it. Too time-consuming or expensive, I might buy. But too hard? Sorry, one of the things for which Hildi's consistently shown her talent is fashioning slipcovers. There's nothing special or unusual about this chair that would make it especially difficult to cover. A close-up reveals that it has a slightly scaly, slightly shiny look to it now. Yecch. It's totally not inviting. Not to mention the poxy little flowers on it. Hildi goes on to enumerate all the items she had to slipcover -- two sofas, two chairs, and an ottoman -- and declares doing any more than that "not possible." Again, could have dumped the bar stool slipcovers and covered the chair instead, and the room would be better off for it. Hildi was just dying to spraypaint that chair, and there was no talking her out of it. MPDP says she hopes Dana likes the chair, and that it's really cute. I think maybe MPDP's been on too many shoots and inhaled too many fumes. She says Hildi finally spent $998.76. God. Once again, Vern makes $1000 look like five or ten times that amount, and another designer makes it look like $150. Hildi says they all made a big difference in this room, and mentions her team, Ty, and MPDP, adding, "I guess I made a little bit of a difference. I hope so." MPDP: "Just a little bit, Hildi."

Fast-forward, and then MPDP brings in Dana and Lynette. She says she knows they've had a great time working with Vern, and teases Dana about marrying Vern. Hey, she'd better take a number. I know a lot of people who'd like to give her a run for her money. MPDP says they can open their eyes; when they do, their reaction is to laugh somewhat hysterically, and at first I can't tell if they hate it, but I'm pretty sure they find it ludicrous. Lynette: "It's so retro!" From the way she says it, you can tell she doesn't really think that's a good thing. Dana, still laughing, but I think also welling up a bit: "I don't know where to go with this." I'll say. She wipes away a tear, and then says, "It's happy," adding a couple of sarcastic thumbs up. MPDP points out that her chair has been painted. That kinds of sobers Dana up as she looks at it and says, "Oh, wow." Dana says it can be changed eventually, but says it's really cute. Apparently, I am immune to the cuteness rays this chair is giving off. Dana says the whole room is really cute, and as she wipes away another tear, smiles and says it's "really neat." She notices that she got a new entertainment centre, and Lynette points out that she's got curtains. Dana: "Oh my gosh...I have to say that this is...unique. It's going to take a while to get used to it." Then she notices the various colours on the walls. MPDP points out that all the colours were inspired by the scarf in the coffee table. Dana repeats that she doesn't know where to go with this one. One word: Dumpster. Somehow, Lynette keeps an incredible amount of composure and stays smiling. MPDP calls out to Laura and Carlos, and they come in with margaritas, or one of those complicated drinks that require their own specially designed glasses. (I don't drink, so I can't be expected to keep these things straight.) Laura says she was so nervous about how Dana would like her room; Dana asks her how she liked hers. Laura says she loves it; Dana knew she would. She puts her arm around Laura and says again that she doesn't know where to go with this room. MPDP declares, "Groo-vee! Groovy Hildi, groovy Vern, and thank you, Ty." She thanks everyone for two "groovy" rooms, and signs off.

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