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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

Man, the sound in this scene with Hildi and Laura slipcovering is really muddled. Hildi says something that sounds like "blocks of colour" and "blocks of surprise" and "circles of sound." I guess she's free-associating about her design. Laura says it's bright and happy. Hildi agrees it will be a happy design if they ever finish the slipcovers.

Vern, Dana, and Lynette prime the screen panels and paint the coffee table red. He says the panels will be painted red, too, before they apply the gold leaf.

Carlos fires nails into a box; Ty tells him to hustle it along. I think Carlos may be too laid-back for this show.

Laura irons turquoise fabric as Hildi sews. Laura asks Hildi where she got the fabric; it's from New York. The scarf is from Paris. Laura says it would have been faster to buy slipcovers. Hildi agrees, but says, "I'm proud of these slipcovers because I made them with my ten little fingers."

Vern tries to elicit from Dana any concerns she has about what's going on at her place. Dana says she's focused on this room, because she can't do anything about her room anyway.

Ty and Carlos bring in the platform for the entertainment unit. Now watch Hildi; it's like putting a plate of food in front of a starving animal. She jumps on the thing before Ty's quite put his end down, and while she's not exactly a pre-surgery Carnie Wilson, the guy's back probably didn't need that. Hildi skips down the length of it, asking, "Can I dance on it?" Well, is there anything anyone could say that would stop you? She notices Ty complaining about his back, and prances over to him, grabs him around the neck, and gets him to clomp along the thing with her. He sarcastically says, "Yeah, let's all destroy it!" Hildi dances with glee. Ty jumps on it in the manner of a four-year-old in a mud puddle. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever understand Hildi's need to jump/dance/stand/pose/drape oneself all over the carpentry projects.

Vern and his team spread out a dropcloth with MPDP's help. He tells them that their homework is to get an additional coat of paint on the coffee table and screen. MPDP pouts, "Paint, not stain." Vern tells her to "adjust." He says that if they have the time, it would be great if they could hinge the panels together. And then that's it. Whoa. That's light. I don't know if you can really say you've really "worked with Vern" unless you've stayed up all night to finish the room. MPDP wonders whether Vern's leaving; he is, and for once I think I believe him. MPDP squeals, "Dinner? You never get dinner on Day One!" She holds out her hand, he takes it and twirls her, and they exit. As they leave, Vern puts his hand on the small of her back to usher her out, but misses slightly and comes closer to her ass. He quickly moves his hand where he obviously meant it to go, though I know some posters in our forums totally thought be was grabbing her ass. Don't be talking that kind of trash about Vern, now. (Now, if that had been Doug...) ["I have a feeling MPDP's ticket's no good on Doug's train." -- Wing Chun]

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