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Texas: Ghostbridge

Hildi says her team's only homework is to prime and paint the entertainment unit, in whichever colours they can based on the paint left. The base is to be painted black. She takes Ty's arm and drags him out with her.

Day Two. Vern's team has got the screen hinged, although they had to work to fix the panels, since they weren't all the same size. Two were wrong. How hard is it to cut four pieces of MDF more or less the same size and rectangular shape? ["And yet I saw it coming. And it's not like I'm Kreskin over here." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Vern says it looks good and that they handled it well. From the way it's folded up, it's hard to tell whether they recut/sanded the panels or just arranged them cleverly or what. Dana and Lynette say they improvised: "We're teachers -- what do you expect?"

Hildi comes in with an armload of flowers. In this shot, you can see the yellow and turquoise walls, an orange unit and a purple unit, and the record wall. Frink says, "Holy Romper Room, Batman." Hildi says it looks beautiful and asks if they got all their homework done. They did. They claim to have stayed up all night, but Hildi's not fooled. She says they did a great job yesterday, but that they still have more carpentry, more sewing, and more painting to do. Laura worries about whether they're going to finish. Hildi says they're on schedule, and goes to put the flowers in water.

Vern says they still have to apply the gold leaf to the panels and coffee table, get the curtains up, install the light fixture, and bring in the rug and furniture.

Hildi and Carlos are pinning daffodil yellow fabric on the bar stools. And it looks like hell. I don't know why people think that it looks good to slipcover furniture that's mostly wood and has little or no upholstery on it to begin with; it almost never does. Especially with something like these bar stools; it's never going to stay on there straight, nor is it a very practical choice for a casual eating area. Nor is it an even remotely necessary or worthwhile project in this room. Hildi complains about all the slipcovers she's had to make for this episode. Well, you could have dumped these bar stool slipcovers and been better off for it in many ways. Carlos calls her the "Slipcover Queen."

Vern shows Dana the fabric they're going to use to cover the chair, which I see now is not a chair and ottoman but a "chaise lounge." We already went over this in the last recap, so I'm not rehashing it here. The fabric is a dark reddish colour with what looks like a nubby texture in a grid pattern. He also shows her a "chair and a half" he's purchased for the room; the chair comes with a ready-made slipcover in a medium brown. Vern's also got a new sofabed in the same style and same colour slipcover in a velvet fabric. Good God. There is no designer on this show who consistently wrings more out of $1000 than Vern. Dana sits in the chair and a half and sighs at the comfort.

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