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Texas: Ghostbridge

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Texas: Ghostbridge

Hildi and MPDP are in the bedroom with the scarf spread out on the bed. Hildi's explaining what she wants MPDP to do, which seems to be to paint designs on a black folding screen. Hildi wants MPDP to leave her mark on the room; MPDP cheerfully complains that she thought they were going to do it together. Hildi says she's going to help MPDP. She wants MPDP just to paint whatever she feels like based on how the scarf inspires her, and Hildi will come along afterward and finish it off.

Vern shows his team the pillow covers, which are silk and velvet. They have a wide red border with a rectangular inset of a richly patterned gold and red fabric. Dana and Lynette admire them. He shows them the red cotton fabric from which the drapes will be made, and says they'll be added a velvet trim to it on each side. Dana says that the curtains will help keep some of the sun out.

MPDP paints a long swirly flourish on the first panel. Hildi says she doesn't know what it is, but it's perfect. Hildi tells her to move on to the next panel and try to do another one more or less the same. The bumper to the commercial is Dana putting her hands on Vern's arm and then hugging and kissing him.

Vern elicits more information from Dana about what she wants to see in her place. She reiterates that she would like to see the sofas slipcovered but not painted.

Cut, of course, to Hildi standing outside with a paint sprayer in her hand, and Granny's beloved chair up on sawhorses. Carlos and Laura come out and make horrified sounds: "Oh my, God, no!" Laura says that Dana said not to paint the chair. Hildi says Dana said not to paint the sofas. She starts spraypainting the chair black. Laura continues arguing with Hildi, telling her Dana said not to "ruin the chair." Oh... "ruin," eh? Now it gets subjective. As if Hildi's going to agree with your definition of "ruin." Laura tells her it's Dana's grandmother's chair. Hildi stops painting for a moment and says, "It's her grandmother's chair? Well, it still is." She goes back to painting. Hildi says Dana said not to paint the sofas. That must have been like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Laura keeps going on and on about not ruining the chair as it gets blacker and paintier. Hildi says Dana should have moved the chair out the room. Not that that's ever stopped designers from grabbing stuff from other rooms. But I think she means that Dana should have put it on the "don't touch" list, which she obviously didn't. I'm sure that, by now, homeowners know that if there are too many things on the "don't touch" list, they don't stand a chance of being picked, and I think a lot of them go on the show risking things they don't want touched and expecting their neighbours to protect them. Which is a crappy position to put your neighbours in, and stupid to boot. Especially if you get Hildi or Doug, who just love to mess with things people don't want touched. And clearly Hildi's determined to prove to the world that despite "Seattle: 56th Place," painting upholstered furniture is a fabulous idea. Except once again, it's not. Well, maybe the third time's a charm.

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