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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Frank's painting the sunburst egg-yolk yellow. He says it's the one project he's most anxious that the team like, because he thinks they're probably expecting a different light fixture. And who could blame them? It's ug-lee. He says that because of budget and time, he thought this would be an easier way of making a really dramatic change in the room. Paige thinks it will be fine, and that Gayla will be so happy with the walls that it won't matter if he'd done anything with the light. Frank hopes so. He exhibits a level of concern that Doug could not manifest if his life depended on it.

Outside...hey, it's sunny. No, I don't think so; it's just that the lights on Amy Wynn and Andrea are incredibly bright. Amy Wynn's explaining the headboard project to Andrea, and says she's pretty excited about it.

Back in Gayla's kitchen, Frank has the laundry-room door on sawhorses, and says they're going to do a mural on it to "open up the space." I have yet to figure out how painting frills and furbelows all over everything opens up a damn thing, but then, I'm not a follower of the One Faux Way. Carla and Paige are armed with sanders. Frank tells them to sand and prime.

Back to the fireplace mantel/headboard: Amy Wynn's using case molding and corner blocks to create architectural detail around the perimeter of the board, and showing Andrea where to staple or nail it. Andrea wonders what will happen if she messes it up. Amy Wynn says they'll just blame that on her during the reveal. Andrea successfully fastens the molding. Amy Wynn: "Beautiful!" Andrea: "Score!"

Carla and Paige are sanding the door, when suddenly Paige thinks they're sanding the wrong side of the door. Carla doesn't think so. They argue about it for a while. I can tell from where the placement of the hinges are that Carla's right.

Cut back to Andrea and Amy Wynn. This looks out of sequence to me; Andrea's gluing down the case molding she'd already fastened to the board in the last segment. Amy Wynn tries to explain how the thing's going to fit under the window.

Back in the kitchen, Carla insists that Paige pick up the door so they can hold it up and be sure, although the moment it becomes vertical, Paige sees that Mom is right. But Mom carries the door over to the frame anyway, just to be extra-sure.

In Carla's bedroom, the headboard is being carted in by Gayla and Amy Wynn. They place it under the window, and then Amy puts up a board in the window that's already been cut to fit and will serve as a sort of ledge/mantel. It all fits perfectly.

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