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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Gayla unpacks a box of bubble wrap and tissue paper, and pulls out a large glass bowl that's been vertically segmented and has thin metal wire detailing all over it, around the base and collar and along the vertical segments. It's nice. Gen found it near her place in New York, and thinks it's fine as a bowl, but wants to turn it into a ceiling fixture. But the fixture she's got to attach to it is grey and very modern-looking, whereas the bowl has a fussier look to it. At least spray-paint the fixture black. But they don't. Gen shows Gayla how to use wires to attach the electrical fixture to the bowl. I don't think it's going to look that good.

Back in the kitchen, Frank tells Team Blue to paint some pears on the laundry-room door. He takes off, and they do their best, but I think Frank overestimates most people's ability to draw freehand, since he himself is pretty good at it.

Back to Gen and Gayla wiring the lamp.

Back to Team Blue. Paige and Carla paint some pears with a brownish paint, which end up looking more like peanuts than pears. Paige laughs herself silly over their ineptitude, and tells her mother to get the pale yellow background paint over their errors. Carla tries to remain positive, citing Frank's theories of "happy accidents." Paige laughs even more when her mother pulls out the huge roller brush to try to cover up these tiny pears. The bumper to the commercial is two pairs of sock feet dancing a little jig on the finished kitchen floor.

Coming back into the show, the bumper is Andrea doing a high kick. Then we see Gen and MPDP putting a large gold frame down on the table. This is something Gen purchased new, not one of the ones she found in Carla's house. Gen says she thought the gold would be really beautiful with the smoky grey colour of the walls. ["I didn't see this one, but gold and grey? Ew." -- Wing Chun] MPDP says it will warm it up. Gen agrees, saying they'll bring little gold accents into the room: "But I'd like to fill this up with something lovely."

Now comes the scary part: Frank is standing at Gayla's countertop: he says they've primed it and painted it with special paint, and now they're ready to do the stones. There's a tool lying on the counter for reasons I don't understand, given that I was paying insufficient attention before. He starts drawing lightly on the counter with some chalk, tracing the outline of stones. What Frank meant when he said they were going to do a stone finish, you see, is that they were going to paint a bunch of fake-o stones on the countertop, sort of like flagstones. This is (yes) yet another peeve of mine: representations of materials in settings where you'd never use the authentic equivalent anyway. He then picks up the rototool and starts carving the stone shapes into the countertop. So he actually did mean a stone texture, I guess; I just never would have imagined anyone doing this. Just picture how difficult it's going to be to clean all the grease and crud and food particles out of this, apart from the fact that I think it's going to look like crap. Sometimes I suspect that there are elements in a room that are godawful, but too expensive or time-consuming to change, and the designers just decide to wreck them, more or less, while pretending to improve them, to force the homeowners to spend the money to replace them. Not that I think Frank's like that so much, but I'm just saying. ["Plus, it looked like ass. Like if they were able to do a faux-flagstone countertop treatment that actually looked like faux-flagstone, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. No, it still would have sucked." -- Kim] Cut back to Gen and MPDP: Gen is saying: "Matador...bull. Longhorn bull. You went to school here, correct?" MPDP mimics a bull with her fingers up for horns, and then stops, saying, "SMU." ["Southern Methodist University, I assume." -- Kim] Gen says that MPDP knows what longhorns look like, then. She clarifies that she doesn't want a logo; she wants something gestural -- emotional. MPDP appears to get it. There's a large blank notebook spread open in front of them. Gen says, "Go," and starts sketching; MPDP agonizes. Gen explains that she's obsessed with bulls; she collects them.

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