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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Back to Gayla's kitchen: Frank's got Carla carving up the countertops. I sigh and cover my mouth with dismay.

Back to Gen, who's snorting like a bull and painting a very gestural image of a bull with black paint on a large sheet of white paper. It looks like it's already matted, which sure shows confidence. I mean, she's not even worried about dripping paint on the mat? I know she's a graphic artist by training and all, but still. Anyway, Gen and MPDP giggle; MPDP advises her not to drip. Gen says she's worried, but she's so not. She sweeps her brush across the paper and draws the bull's back.

Frank and Carla have carved up the whole counter and backsplash, God help us, and are now painting little shadowy details on each stone with a darker pinky-sand paint. Carla adds a tiny extra dab of paint at the top right-hand corner of a stone, where Frank hadn't been putting any on his, eliciting a "my word!" from him. She asks if she has talent or what; Frank says she just reeks of it. I think maybe that's the floor you smell, Frank. ["Or Frank's sweaty body odor." -- Kim]

Out by a pool, Gen is sitting on a dropcloth and manipulating a power tool of some sort over some pieces of something. Gayla comes by and asks if Gen needs help. Gen says, "These are the fan blades." They're all weirdly mottled, white and brown. Gayla sits down. Gen giggles.

Back to Frank: he's with MPDP, and he's painting the six wooden blocks for the backsplash mural. He's freehanding a basket of fruit, and doing a hell of a job of it, too. He hands MPDP a brush, which she accepts with a certain amount of trepidation, and asks her to help him draw the outlines of the images.

Gen explains to Gayla that she had been thinking of white for the fan blades, but that she kind of likes the distressed, mottled, brown-and-white patchiness, which she calls "weathered." Gayla seems slightly thrown by this, but tries to go with it. Gen says she thinks it'd be kind of cute, adding that she doesn't use the word "cute" much. Which is true. She argues that bringing in some natural wood colours to tie in with the mantel would be good, and she suggests that they're kind of comfortable. It doesn't look like any kind of natural wood colour to me; it's the sort of grey-brown of that thick cardboard that they tack to the back of cheap furniture. I can't think of any really good reason why fan blades would be "weathered" in this way, so I just think it looks crappy, myself. And I don't think they're doing any other distressed finishes in the room, either, so it's kind of going to be spinning around up there on its own. And then Carla can lie in her bed and look up and wonder, "What in the name of all that is holy was that woman thinking?"

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