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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Back to Andrea, who's lamenting the last-minute introduction of the bench: "I just wish we would have known so maybe we could have painted it or something." Gen thinks it's beautiful just as it is. She points out that the grey of the bench coordinates with the grey paint and says, with some dramatic arm gestures, that it's all coming together.

Over at Gayla's, Frank is putting the finishing flourishes on the window treatment which is...well, not to put too fine a point on it, but it's hideous. It's way too bedroom-y for a kitchen, never mind that the fabric is ugly. The fabric's draped around the top of the arch, and gathered to take up the extra fabric, and then there are tassled ropes draped around the top edge and looped around the various attachment points. Frank announces that the fabric was the most expensive thing in the room. Carla and Paige agree that you can tell, and say that it's really nice. I don't know; maybe this is one of those situations where it looks good in person but not on TV, but it just looks fugly to me. Frank fusses with the rope some more: "And loop...and tuck...let's stand back and look at this." They all stand back. Team Blue murmurs its approval. It doesn't look to me like they'll ever be able to open the curtain much -- or very easily, for that matter. ["Not to mention that it was a beautiful window, which is now completely covered up, and the lines of the arch are hidden." -- Kim]

Gen is showing Team Orange some wire contraptions that you attach to pegboards in a workshop to organize your tools. She's fastened some to the wall, since they happen to be the right size for test tubes, and shows how the tubes can make nice little bud vases when inserted into the holders. Behind her on the wall, you can see her framed painting of a bull. It's not bad, although it's very modern-looking, and what it has to do with New England, English cottage, or quaint, I have no idea. I can at least see the Texas connection.

Back to Frank, whose gene for painting decorative stuff on cabinets has asserted itself; he's painting a vine design, freehand, on the lower cabinets. In his defense, he says that the cabinets seem to be damaged, and that he wanted to cover it up. Paige says there's a lot of water damage.

Gayla and Andrea are kind of bickering about how to arrange the bits of flora in the test tubes. Gayla doesn't like the way Andrea's doing it. Andrea's natural teenagedness is finally surfacing -- to this point, there's been an admirable lack of the attitude we've seen in some of the other teenagers on the show -- and she tells her mother, not especially rudely, but firmly, that she can do it herself.

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