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Texas: Sherwood Street

Cut to MPDP, who's smoothing out an area rug on the kitchen floor. She warns Frank not to let them trip, adding, "I never let them trip." That may be her primary contribution to the show: a distinct lack of viable lawsuits. He's ushering Carla and Paige into the room with their eyes closed. There's a lot of joking around as Frank manoeuvres them slowly into the room. Frank finally gets them where he wants them, and tells them to open their eyes and look on the floor. They both comply, and gasp. ["Probably because they were so happy that at least the rug covered some of the ass-looking floor." -- Kim] I'm not sure why; it's an okay rug in sort of rust and sand and either dark brown or black accents. It's got a sort of small sunburst image repeated in the central field. They look up and we get a short of the sunburst deal around the fluorescent light. Frank laughs heartily and he and Paige high-five.

Time to load the rooms. Among other things, we see Gen hanging all Carla's frames on the wall, empty. At the end of the montage, Frank sets a little shadowbox-type thing on the counter, saying it's a little souvenir of the strawberry theme. There's a snatch of the old wallpaper border inside it, with a small fake pear. Frank then hollers that they're finished, and starts shaking like a bowl full of jelly, shouting, "I'm all a-quiver!" Carla shakes and shouts, too. And suddenly, my power goes out for a moment; all afternoon we'd been having rain coming down in buckets, alternating with hail, thunder, lightning, sunshine and pretty much everything other than snow and locusts. I was wondering if I'd get through the ep without a problem. Fortunately, I have my TV/VCR hooked up to the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) just like my computer, so I only lost a few seconds. However, if it had been just a few seconds later, it would have happened during the commercial. Anyway, didn't miss much.

On our way back to the show, I reflect how glad I will be when the Natalie Maines episode finally airs on Saturday, because I'm damn sick of the commercial for it. The bumper back into the commercial is MPDP, Gen, and Amy Wynn comparing their biceps. In case you're wondering: Amy Wynn, no contest. MPDP talks to Gen about her room first. We see the before and after shots; in the after shots, in the little bottleneck area connecting the two parts of the room, there are long curtains in a grey menswear fabric as well as the dark gold fabric used on the window. The room has been rearranged so that the bed's under the window, a low dresser is on the wall where the bed used to be, and the bull painting is hung above that. The two bright red bolsters are at the end of the bed; the rest of the bedding doesn't really hang together, with or without the bolsters. There are two white pillowcases with black trim on them, inset like an empty picture frame. Carla's tall dresser is in the same place where it was, just next to where the bookshelves were (and should have stayed). The headboard is reasonably nice, but I maintain that the whole thing looks a little weird under the window. She's added an inexpensive canvas-coloured rug beneath the bed, and an identical one in the small entryway part of the room. There are several problems with the nook: one, this tiny little stone bench is barely comfortable to sit on outside to contemplate the ladybugs for five minutes, never mind to sit on in your bedroom and read. The nook itself isn't really big enough for a large comfy chair, even if Carla were inclined to go out and get one. Which is why it know, a good place for the bookshelves. In addition, the bench is centred on the wall, which is dandy, but given that they were going to put the tall dresser right back where it was, the dresser kind of hems in the bench. Not that it matters. No one but a cat is ever going to sit there anyway, despite the addition of three perky little cushions. I don't see that Gen has created any more storage here at all; in fact, there's less shelf space than there was before, so really...sigh.

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