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Texas: Sherwood Street

In the debriefing, Gen says she loves the room; MPDP says she finished on time and has a lot of money left over. She spent $926.05. Gen says she didn't have a spare moment to go out and spend some more money. I'm sure there'd be a couple of big orchids in here otherwise. I think if there's any money left over, they should write the homeowners a cheque. God knows some of them need all the help they can get after the designers clear out of there. Gen points out that bowls and vases can be made into other things. We get a shot of the dark grey/gold curtains; they're tied back with the red tie Gen was wearing earlier. MPDP says Gen always has a way of seeing objects differently from everyone else. Gen thanks her, and says, "Ordinary can be extraordinary if you do it well." They discuss the headboard briefly, because MPDP didn't see that being built. Gen enthuses about how much she loves her bull painting; she loves bulls and matadors and bullfights, although she's not crazy about the whole killing aspect. MPDP says she's glad it came out the way it did and that Gen painted it. Gen knowingly tells the camera: "Me, too." MPDP pretends to take offense. Then we get the thirty-second fast-forward room redesign bit.

MPDP brings Carla and Paige in. With no prefatory remarks whatsoever, she tells them to open their eyes. Carla looks truly and mostly pleasantly surprised; she and Paige both gasp and exclaim over everything. Paige notices the bench from the pool. Carla notices the empty picture frames. MPDP points out the suit-pillow. Carla asks, "Who did the cow?" Hee! I figure Gen won't appreciate that remark. MPDP explains that it's a bull, and that Gen did it. MPDP claims to have helped inspire it. Carla points out to her daughter that they kept some of her furniture and used it untouched, in a sort of pleasant "I told you so" way. MPDP asks if she likes the new headboard; Carla seems to. MPDP points out the "distressed" fan blades. Paige pronounces it "cool." It's really not. It's just about the assiest thing in the room. Carla politely marvels over this, too. Carla seems pleased, overall: "She did wonderful."

On to Gayla's kitschen: Nothing's been rearranged, and since most of the wall space is covered with cabinets, there's not a lot of rearranging that could be done, really. The table and chairs are still in the centre of the room, with the faux tablecloth painted on top and the carpet underneath. There's the hideous floral window treatment, the carved-up counters, the assy floor...Frank's Italian Country mural is on the backsplash above the countertop stove. It looks okay, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing. MPDP opens the debriefing by incredulously saying, "I think more than ever, in any room...." Frank: "This is all about paint." MPDP concurs. I don't know; it seems to me like most of Frank's projects are all about paint. Man, Debbie Travis doesn't paint as much as Frank does. He says there's very little fabric or carpentry work in the room. True enough. So show us the money, Frank. Where the hell is it? MPDP asks him what his favourite project was; he says it's the sunburst. Figures. He doesn't think it's such a great design, but presents it as an alternative for people who have fluorescent lighting and can't change it. Seriously? I know an appropriate and much less ugly fixture could be purchased for under $100. Look into it. MPDP says he's under budget. I should hope so. By what, at least $500? No, he's within ten bucks of the limit. Maybe he had to buy that damn rototool with which to destroy the countertops. Frank adds, "And you know what was really pathetic about this whole experience?" Other than almost everything? "I really liked that wallpaper." He would. As we get a close-up of the aforementioned little shadowbox, it looks to me like at least one countertop -- the one on the opposite side of the room from the stove -- is only painted with outlines of stones, and not carved up; perhaps St. Vern, the patron saint of common sense, intervened in spirit form.

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