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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Gen announces that Carla's shelves have got to go, as Andrea removes her socks. She's already fallen under Gen's siren spell, clearly. Gen says they're sad and sagging in the middle, and yet she announces that they have to be ripped out carefully because they're going to be re-used. Gen says the upright piece of wood supporting the shelves can be torn out with abandon, though, accentuating her words with a karate kick. She bangs on the support with a hammer; as it whangs off the wall, Gayla barely misses being hit by it and shrieks and laughs. Lesson #1, kids: Pay attention, and watch where you're standing, especially during destructive activities.

Cut to Frank removing the cheesy wallpaper border. God loves Frank, obviously, because the stuff is coming off with nary a hitch, unlike my recent experiences with wallpaper removal, which you can read about in the "Home Improvement" forums. Carla says it's because the glue is so old; I dunno, I had old glue and nothing but misery. Frank jokes that there's a note from Christopher Columbus on the back. He's sweating plenty already.

Andrea hammers away at the shelves; Gen's telling her not to worry about damage to the walls because they're going to be covered. "With what?" Both homeowners are wondering. Clearly they've seen the show before, unlike all too many homeowners on this show. Gen says they'll be covered with wood. Gayla: "Not moss?" Andrea howls. Hee! Gen takes it in stride and assures them, "No moss. No rocks." She says they're making a nook, and there are going to be curtains in the little narrow part of the room that joins the two rectangles, and they'll bring the wood back around into the bed area. The bumper to the commercial shows Gen chasing Frank and Amy in the golf cart.

Bumper back to the show: Gen sticking her tongue out. On the show: MPDP is marvelling at how well Frank's de-wallpapering is going. She says, "I'll tell you what: that is the sort of luck you need on Trading Spaces." Shouldn't that be, "I tell you what," since they're in Texas and all? She assures them they have no idea how much time this will save them. I swallow my bitter jealousy.

Back to Andrea and Gayla wrenching the top shelf out of the nook; Gayla is almost as giggly as Gen, which is saying something. ["For you Bunim-Murray show fans, Andrea totally reminded me of Michelle from Road Rules Europe. She had the red hair, the Texas upbringing, the former cheerleader vibe, all of it." -- Kim] They decide it's break time; Gayla says she's going to find somewhere to hide. Then they notice some more work that has to be done before they finish clearing out the nook.

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