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Texas: Sherwood Street

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Texas: Sherwood Street

Frank and Carla are sewing. They've got this floral chintz-type fabric spread out in front of them. It's got that tea-stained colour to the background, but not in a good way. It doesn't look like good vintage or good new fabric; it's just dull and kind of nowhere. It's what's hanging in the part of your grandmother's house that she hasn't redone in about forty-five years. But it has pears on it, and it's got the colour scheme...sort of. I wonder if Frank ending up spending a lot on this fabric because it was the only one he could find with pears and the right colours. Because God knows, I don't know what the hell he spent the money on. Carla says it's beautiful. I can't tell if she really thinks so or is just one of those people who says something nice about everything -- I hear there are people like that. ["My guess is the latter. She seemed like a cool lady." -- Kim] Frank says it's a little over-the-top for a kitchen: "But I thought, you know...drama...." I'm trying to imagine how this dingy fabric could be dramatic. The bumper to the commercial is, of course, Gen twirling around on roller skates.

The bumper back to the show is Frank polishing the grill of some Ford vehicle. Then we see Frank cleaning off the top of Gayla's table, which is oval. The top of it has definitely seen better days; there's one large part of it that's quite discoloured or something. Frank imagines it has some great old family stories. Carla assures him that it does. Frank thought that rather than refinish it "plain," he thought, since the top's messed up anyway, they could paint an actual tablecloth on it. Imagine! Frank thought of painting something fake onto a surface. Carla's all for it: "That's original." ["See, Carla just tries to be positive about everything, because really. How is painting on a tabletop 'original,'" especially for Frank?" -- Kim] Frank messes with the primer and says they'll paint an oval tablecloth on it with a fringe and a pattern around the edge. He starts rolling primer on.

Gen is showing Team Orange where the bookshelves will be moved to (on the wall opposite to where they were), in order to make room for this nook she keeps mentioning. Gen also plans to remove all the dust jackets from the books so that Carla's collection won't look so cluttered and commercial. Gen seems to conceive of the nook opposite the shelves as a reading area.

Back with Team Blue, Frank wonders what Carla thinks of a tablecloth that never needs laundering. Carla says, very sincerely, that she loves it. It's her favourite idea of Frank's, although she likes all his ideas. Frank is appreciative.

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