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How thrilled was I to receive a very complimentary email from Trading Spaces designer Vern Yip shortly after TWoP started covering the show, saying how much he enjoyed our recaps? Let's just say: very. I'm a big fan of Vern's work and even when the final results are not necessarily what I would choose for myself, I very much admire his work ethic, the obvious amounts of care he puts into planning and execution, and the respect and consideration he typically shows homeowners. I immediately requested an interview and Vern readily agreed. I finally managed to speak with him in mid-July, as he was returning from taping the first handful of Season Three shows in Maine, and preparing to leave a couple of days later to shoot an episode in Long Island. Vern was incredibly gracious with his time, speaking with me for an hour and a half. Right after doing the interview, I listened to my tapes, only to discover to my great horror that the middle thirty minutes were missing. That side of the tape was just blank! I knew I'd lost a couple of great anecdotes on that section of the tape. But he had been so incredibly nice and generous with his time already that after I finished kicking my own ass all over my office, I screwed up my courage to tell him what happened and ask if we could repeat the part of the interview I lost. We managed to hook up a couple of days later. Despite having had only about ninety minutes of sleep the night before (as you will learn in this interview, he tends to pull all-nighters as he prepares for each room makeover), he graciously spoke to me again for another half hour. I've made this interview a careful composite of the two separate interviews, but I believe Vern will agree that it represents an accurate picture of our discussions. Vern genuinely comes across as an extremely fine person, as well as the overachieving, talented architect/designer we've come to know and love on the show. He's energetic, articulate, positive, smart, considerate, and funny. He devotes himself intensely to whatever he takes on, whether it's education, work, or relationships. He's quite a catch, really (and available -- ladies, the line forms to the left). Deborah: I don't find anything built post-war that I really, really like, in terms of residential architecture. I know you probably do have much more of an appreciation for modern architecture than I do. Vern Yip: I do. In my practice, I have a lot of modern homes that I'm currently working on, because I do both architecture and interior design. But the house that I live in was actually built in the 1920s.

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