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Vegas: Smokemont Court

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Vegas: Smokemont Court

MPDP's standing in front of the Aladdin Hotel and Casino wearing jeans and a teensy Vegas t-shirt that's at least two sizes too small. ["Shout-out! That's where we held our TWoP recappers' summit last December." -- Wing Chun] MPDP announces that they're in "Vegas, baby!" Wait. Didn't I see this already? Guess not. MPDP wanders through the casino doing the rest of the preamble, as I reflect on how appropriate this city is for some of the tackiest homeowner behaviour ever seen on this show. The camera cuts to a roulette table, where Amy Wynn is playing dealer to Laurie and Edward. Edward. You know, Edward? Remember him? The nice guy with the ponytail? The one we haven't seen for three long months while we've had to endure how many Kia episodes? Yeah, that one. They brought him out of cryogenic storage for this episode. Laurie's hair is straight in this episode. Frink likes it. I do too, though I think curly hair suits her more. Cut to some money dropping out of a slot machine and MPDP cheering about it. She ain't sharing any of it with the designers, though. Nope. Personally, I think she should contribute it to the anger-management therapy fund for one of this episode's homeowners, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Over to Jordan ("a creative type" -- that may be Trading Spaces talk for "unemployed"), and his girlfriend Colleen, sitting at another table. Colleen's very pretty, with a doll-like face. Frink sometimes likes to make up little narratives for people on television shows and when he sees Jordan he declares, "Cocaine problem." This being my second viewing, I assure him that Jordan definitely does not have a cocaine problem. Frink's already convinced himself, though. Jordan and Colleen want Jordan's office space redone. Jordan does graphic design and web development. The room is a white box with beige carpet and no window coverings. There's a very small table functioning as a desk, and a small sectional sofa in kind of a dark taupe colour. There are guitars and a bongo drum in the room (Jordan's also a musician), as well as a interesting-looking grandfather clock and a wheeled shelf full of books and TV/stereo equipment. There are some colourful unframed prints on the wall. He'd like the room to become more organized and have a nice big desk. Colleen would like to see the room furnished comfortably, though there's not a lot of room for furniture. Jordan says there's plenty of beige in the rest of the house, and he'd like to see this room depart from that. Colleen laughs as she says she thinks every man deserves one room in the room that can be his, and the rest is for her. It seems to be news to Jordan, but he takes it well.

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