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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Day Two. Gen arrives. Kirk and Birgette are sitting in front of the wood, which has been stained a very dark brown. It looks really sloppy, rough, and uneven. I wouldn't say that any sanding has gone on there between coats at all. Gen says she loves it. She says it's not too dark because everything in the room is going to be really light "with the exception of the boldness of this fireplace." Yeah, seems like there'll be this heavy, dark blob in the corner weighing down the eye. Well, I could be wrong. We'll see. Gen says that they have to focus on fabric, lighting, putting the room together, and cleaning up.

Vern finds his team in the family room. Samm's eating as Kenny touches up paint on the media cabinet. Vern looks at Samm and says, "Beautiful! Wow, you might want to cut back on the soda." We see a shot of her with some big, fake decayed plastic teeth in her mouth. She says, "Didn't even have time to brush our teeth!" Lovely. She removes them from her mouth. Vern laughs and says he loves it. He says the cabinet looks awesome, as do the doors. They are all happy with the crown molding.

Amy Wynn tells Kirk he's there to help her with the coffee table. But she explains that she cut the pieces herself because she realized that if they were off at all it would make things very difficult. Kirk: "All right, don't trust me." She says she'll let him cut some other pieces. She shows him how the wide pieces of wood, with mitred edges, fit together like a picture frame, and then there's a square basket that goes in the centre.

Kenny, Vern, and MPDP are working on fabric stuff out on a balcony or deck. MPDP's ironing; Kenny's complaining that Vern gets to fill his pillow case with a pillow form while Kenny's stuck stuffing his with batting. Vern explains that Kenny's actually supposed to be using a pillow form, too.

Kirk fires a nail into the coffee table where no nail is required.

Apropos of nothing we see on screen, MPDP asks Kenny whether he would like purple if it went in his living room. Um, isn't that a pretty big tipoff? Just wondering. Kenny says, "Purple, periwinkle, whatever you want to pull out would be nice." MPDP sounds surprised. She says she's going to go tell Genevieve. Kenny backpedals, telling her she should talk to "the real boss." She threatens to tell Samm that Kenny said he wanted purple in his living room. He says that's fine; he'll just repaint it.

Genevieve and Birgette are outside priming or painting small terra cotta pots white. Gen says that the shelves are too darn high to water any plants that might rest on them. Gen figures she'll put all the living things on the first tier, in front of the dark purple paint. There'll be all these white pots with purple flowers; it looks like she's got primroses, which I didn't think were really indoor flowers.

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