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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Vern and his team unroll a very long beige rug with a small, subtle grid texture to it. That room must be twenty feet long if it's a foot, and this rug goes almost from one end of the room to the other. It looks like carpeting that's had the edge bound, actually. But that is a hell of a lot of flooring no matter how you look at it. Vern's team seems very impressed.

Arts and Crafts. Gen has nine inexpensive black picture frames and matching white mats (both around $2 each), and she and Birgette are going to frame some black and white photographs.

Vern comes along to where Kenny and MPDP are standing around a light fixture. It's a five-arm black chandelier, and MPDP seems to have broken one of its arms. This is the first shot I've seen where you can tell that the other end of this family room is open to the kitchen. I think this is the existing light fixture for the kitchen, but I suppose Vern might have bought it and they're just installing it. Vern asks what's going on. Kenny pretends he's hiding by turning it around. Vern: "My powers of perception go beyond simple rotation." Vern teases MPDP about it, finally asking, "Didja break it?" She's hiding her face in her hands and then says, "It was crooked!" Vern: "It was more crooked than it is now?" She's laughing helplessly as she tries to apologize sincerely, and explains that she was just trying to straighten it. Vern thinks they can probably solder it. She kind of shoves it back in and says, "It works, though!" Kenny turns the light on, and then the arm falls out of place again. MPDP giggles some more.

What the Frank? Kirk is putting a strip of fake grass around the bottom of the taller, light purple shelf. Grass in your living room: It's not just for smoking anymore. Gen says she's got the recessed lighting up, and wonders how the grass is fitting around it. Kirk seems to think it's fine. You know -- as fine as a strip of fake grass is going to look. It's not at all like cruddy little decorations in the deli/salads/meat section at your supermarket. Nope. Gen walks around behind this ziggurat thing to turn the lights on, warning that it would be very Trading Spaces for it not to work. I can't even get interested in whether the lighting works because I'm astonished to discover that you can walk behind this thing, and I can't help wondering what the heck it looks like from the other side. I don't even know what to say. Now it seems less like a big chunky mystery growing out of the wall and more like a stage set. And if it is, frankly, I'd have just ripped the thing out. Anyway, the lights work; Gen's happy, and thinks it will look better at night. I can see cords hanging through the air now, and I'll bet they'll be more obvious when it's darker.

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