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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Thank God, it's time to wrap this up. Even Vern says he's ready for it to be over. MPDP stands in front of a picture of somebody's dog, and barks and howls and tells us time's up. "Will Kirk and Birgette feel more intimate in their spacious surroundings? Will Kenny and Samm find their new colour scheme to be sweet as candy or more like sour grapes?"

How did they find someone almost as irritating as Kathy Griffin to star in this plastic bag commercial with her? Between the two of them, their voices make me want to inject some hot lead into my ear canal. And: oh God, is this really Run-DMC doing a cola commercial? That's sad. Somehow it bums me out more than Cyndi Lauper's did.

Vern's room has soft yellow walls with sandy beige vertical stripes about a foot wide spaced about every two feet or so. At the far end of the room, two sofas have been recovered in dark blue fabric and arranged at right angles to each other. The computer tables have been cut down to about eighteen inches, painted white, and pushed together. There's a white wicker basket full of lemons on the tables. There are two pictures on the wall above the sofa that's not under the stained-glass windows. The TV niche has had doors attached to it that are trimmed with molding in the same detailed pattern as the doors on the media unit. They're painted white, while the framework around is painted beige. I think the white makes the doors stand out too much; I would have painted them beige to be less conspicuous (but still trimmed them to match the other doors). Sort of opposite (but not exactly, I don't think) the sofa that's under the pictures is the new media unit, painted white as well. Birgette's mother's painting is hanging above it. I believe the TV's in there; still, it's kind of awkwardly placed for TV viewing. There are a couple of new floor lamps and table lamps with parchment-coloured shades. Near the front of the room, on the same side as the media unit, are the chair and ottoman, also recovered in the dark blue fabric. Each piece of upholstered furniture has an accent pillows in a coordinating striped silk. There are dark blue drapes on the windows (which also still have the white shutters). The ceiling fan is still up, which makes two ceiling fans left up in the same episode. Doesn't happen too often. The beige rug runs underneath everything in the room; it helps to tie the room together and make it seem a little warmer. Simple crown molding has been added to make the room look a little more finished.

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