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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Overall, I like the room a lot, especially the cottage-y feel, but find it a little busy, between the stripes on the wall, the stained-glass windows, and the detail on the cabinet doors. I think I would have just done a simple rectangle of molding on each door, rather than the more complicated design Vern chose here (though I wonder if he was going for a vaguely Oriental motif to complement the feel of the stained-glass windows). The slipcovers on the furniture look just great, and I like the cut-down desks as coffee tables. I've done that with taller tables in the past as well and been really happy with the effect. (And I know the eight legs of the two tables pushed together bothered some posters in the forums, but that doesn't bug me at all.) The furniture arrangement is somewhat awkward, but the only way I can imagine anything better is if I cheat and buy some more furniture. This room is really awkward to arrange because of the layout of windows and doors in combination with the proportions of the room. I think what I would have done is put the media unit under the stained-glass windows at the far end of the room, and placed the largest sofa opposite it, with its back to the rest of the room and the coffee tables in between. I would have put a sofa along one of the walls, perpendicular to it, and a chair on the other side if it would fit. I would put a console table behind the sofa that's opposite the media cabinet. Then, with all my tons of money that I would magically have, I would have two chairs and at least one ottoman arranged opposite the fireplace, with the table and lamp in between them, as a reading and sitting area. Maybe throw in a stack of floor cushions in that area. However, I think Vern did extremely well within the limitations he had, which include a room that was somewhat poorly designed to begin with. And I think the homeowners are going to be thrilled.

MPDP says that the whole room was inspired by Birgette's mother's paintings. Vern says it was, partially: "I am not one to take an item and make an entire room around it." Frink: "Thank God. Theme rooms almost never work out." Vern says that the room is about capturing a summer's day: "It's like the physical manifestation of a breezy, summer day." MPDP says that's a tall order, but that's how the room feels. She says that the walls are incredible and weren't that hard to do. He says they weren't too bad. They praise Amy Wynn's work on the media cabinet. Vern says it's been put in an unexpected place and that the options for arranging seating in this room are limited if you want to continue the flow (which my fabulous plan doesn't -- I just resign myself to sort of chopping the room up). MPDP mentions that the crown molding has a great impact on the room. She says he has about $10 left over. Vern says it's a little less than that, and that he could have purchased more lemons: "My lemon pile isn't quite as monumental as I would like." Hee. MPDP: "Enough with the lemons! The more lemons."

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