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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

I don't know what Gen was on when she designed this room, but this is not one of her better efforts. It's really unbalanced and silly and random and incoherent. Honestly, it looked better before. One of our posters thought she might be going for this West Elm look (thanks, Feng) but she didn't even get halfway there if you ask me. And Samm and Kenny, on the off-chance that you're reading this and don't like the room but haven't changed it because you're still wondering what to do: I think you might be able to salvage it by painting the walls and shelves a burnt orange colour; that will probably stand up to that dark stained wood, which probably seems like too much of a pain to remove. You could bring your Kandinsky print and plants back in. Chuck all the accessories, or maybe you can use them in another room. I don't know what to tell you to do with the windows, but I'd get rid of the drapes, or at least iron them. Those slipcovers are going to look like used Kleenex before long. I wish you luck. It's not an easy room, and now you're even further behind than you were when you started.

Gen's wearing another top that exposes her bra straps, this one because the neckline's wide. Seriously, Gen, invest in one of those convertible five-in-one bras. MPDP asks what Gen's inspiration was for the room. Gen says she was inspired by a table setting in a restaurant which had plums and Concord grapes together (again with the food). She says it was so pretty. Then she found those berry lamps. MPDP says she took the fireplace "unit" -- which MPDP describes as a "bunch of separate things" -- and made it "one grand piece that somehow still does not overpower the room." Okay, well, now we know that whatever Gen's on, at least she's generous enough to share, because obviously MPDP's had some, too. I do not know how anyone could look at this room and think that unit doesn't overpower the room. Gen says it's a powerful piece, but that she thinks having the soft, warm wood at the bottom is very inviting and grounds it very well. MPDP mentions the coffee table, and they agree that Amy Wynn did a good job on it. MPDP thinks that the warm wood makes it cozier "instead of being so icy." Yet I find this room strangely cold -- and again, I like purple. MPDP asks Gen whether she likes the way the windows came out; Gen does. She thinks they're very subtle. MPDP thinks the curtains are really dramatic. Gen declares them "luscious." She adds, "I mean, linen, from floor to ceiling? I mean, it's ridiculous. I wish I had those in my own house." They are ridiculous, all right -- ridiculously wrinkled. I just pulled laundry out of the washer that looks more impressive than these do. Gen says she spent $990.82: "Not so shabby." MPDP says she did really well. Gen hopes Samm and Kenny like it: "It's earthy and crazy, and I'm just trying to find a medium." Well, better luck next time. MPDP: "Just like you!" They giggle. Gen: "Heard that before."

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