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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP's got Kenny and Samm in front of the fireplace, facing the sofas. I'm amazed that she doesn't have them facing the big fireplace unit, which of course doesn't overpower the room at all. The producers must have decided to try to ease these homeowners into this room. MPDP says that they can open their eyes; Samm pleasantly says: "Oh, wow." Kenny: "Oh, my God." Samm notices the windows: "How cool! Look, stained glass." Kenny seems okay with it. Samm says, "It's so soft. I was expecting brighter." At that very moment, Samm turns, sees the monstrosity behind her, and says, "Oooh! There's some colour!" They turn around to check that out, and MPDP says that the sitting area was Birgette's idea: "And you really can get up there." Kenny, gently: "Well, that's a sitting area for Birgette, and Birgette only." Kenny jokes that they put up a ceiling fan; MPDP says it's his. Then she realizes that Kenny's pulling her leg. See what I mean? MPDP is prime prank material. Designers, I expect you to get on this. Doug Wilson, I'm looking at you. Kirk and Birgette arrive with three gigantic cocktail glasses of some kind with red liquid in them. Birgette hands one to Kenny, who gives it to MPDP, and Kirk hands Kenny another one. Kirk keeps the last one. They all chat and say they like their rooms. MPDP suggests toasting their designers. She thanks them and signs off and they pretend to clink glasses.

Next week: Kia and Hildi and Ty. I knew it had to happen to me eventually (I didn't recap "Virginia: Gentle Heights Court"; Wendola did.) Pray for me. Or, you know, just start drinking on my behalf.

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