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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

Anyway, the rest of the room is pretty simple and casual; the sofas are a rolled-arm style with maybe beige or light khaki upholstery. There's a side chair covered in some heavily patterned fabric. There's an oval wooden coffee table with a glass top. There's a large colourful print on one wall below the square windows, and a huge, kind of reedy-looking plant in the corner. There's a workout machine behind the sofa, in front of the print. There are accent pillows in greens and orangey reds. Samm says this room is used all the time for reading, watching TV, and playing. Kenny likes the openness and the plant shelves. Samm says they like warm colours; not primary colours, just a little bit muted. They don't like pastels. They prefer intense colours. Kenny doesn't want to see turquoise. He doesn't want to see any kind of "Aztec colours," by which I presume he means Southwest colour schemes. He mentions pink and bright oranges. Samm says that reds would be okay. Kenny agrees that red is nice.

Kirk and Birgette also want their family room done. It's a long rectangular box of a room; I first thought "bowling alley," but while it's narrow, it's not quite as narrow as that; it has more of a small "church hall" feeling. The walls look like they're a peachy-beige shade, and the floor is some kind of mottled tile in a similar but darker tone. There's a modern ceiling fan with a saucer-shaped light in the centre of it. There are two squarish windows near either end of the longest wall; both have white shutters. On the wall at the far end of the room are three small square windows, high up on the wall, with stained glass in each creating the image of a branch outside the window stretching across them. There's a small glass-front cabinet in a dark wood underneath those windows. Back in the middle of the room, there's a sofa and chair in a rolled-arm style with khaki/beige upholstery. They have a coffee table with curved black metal legs and a surface made up of what look like tiles in shades of grey, copper, and bronze. That's sort of interesting-looking. Opposite the seating is a built-in entertainment unit with a fireplace on one side and space for the TV on the other, and a deep mantel above it. Along the same wall, on the other side of a doorway, is a small, lonely bookshelf. The room is just too empty and feels cold, despite the warmish colours used and the hot climate outside. Kirk and Birgette like that the room is very open and bright, but they don't think they're using the room very well. Kirk would like to close it in a little more. Birgette says that they like blues and greens and yellows. Kirk doesn't like purple. Birgette says that orange is not their favourite colour. Kirk likes light colours. Birgette thinks that colours that are too bright might be too much for them, but acknowledges that the point is to do something they might not normally do. Kirk: "I'm definitely open to anything." Except...purple, orange, dark colours, anything too bright...

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