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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

MPDP's haranguing Vern about his project; he's still taping off stripes, and she wants to know how many more there are. He totally exaggerates and MPDP totally buys it for a moment. It's so easy to pull her leg. I wish the designers would get together and pull a really good gag on her. Not a mean one -- just something that we can all enjoy. Vern makes reference to how the size of the stripes are determined by the "module" established by the size and placement of the stained-glass windows. MPDP makes fun of him, saying, "Now he just sounds like he's talking like aerospace." She jokes that he's making it sound way more impressive than it is. Note that Vern laughs along, but doesn't accuse MPDP of rocking her SATs. The bumper to the commercial is a shot, devoid of context, of Vern making a face of constipated horror as he slowly opens his mouth. Maybe someone threatened to let Kia redecorate his house. It's a pretty funny face.

Birgette and Kirk are sanding an interesting little cabinet with nine square drawers stacked in two rows. It was in their friends' living room already. Birgette is that saying she doesn't feel bad about sanding and staining it because Samm and Kenny just didn't want it painted. They think it will be okay if it's just stained a different colour. I guess they must be staining it a dark colour to match the other wood. Kirk says that if Samm and Kenny don't like it, they can restain it later. Birgette says that they can't restain it. Huh? What are they doing now?

Samm is helping Amy Wynn glue things together. She says she's glad to do some real manly work, at last. Amy Wynn sort of objects to that characterization, and Sam quickly corrects herself: "Womanly work!"

Birgette says that the purples going on the walls look really good. Kirk thinks they look kind of modern to him. He's curious to see how it all comes out. They try to establish a descriptor for their friends' taste: modern? Retro-modern? Kirk doesn't know if "retro-modern" is a term. He doesn't think it's going to be what they were expecting. He thought they'd want something more open, more country. Birgette thinks not. She thinks they would be thinking, "not country." I think, if I were going on this show, I would want my neighbours to have more of a grip on my style than these two seem to have on Samm and Kenny's.

Samm and Amy Wynn are nailing the back onto a cabinet. Sam mangles her nail.

Kirk and Birgette have started staining the little cabinet. Kirk is putting a very dark stain onto it; his wife wonders how many coats they're supposed to do. Kirk says they have to ask Gen. That's something you might want to find out before you go much farther. Birgette wonders if Gen is still there, or if she's ditched them. Birgette comments on how dark it is. It definitely is. I think maybe it should be going on in a thinner layer to begin with, and that they should maybe wipe some of the excess off. It's not paint. Birgette asks if Kirk read the directions.

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