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Vegas: Woodmore Street

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Vegas: Woodmore Street

MPDP and Kenny are painting the coffee tables. Kenny explains their provenance, to satisfy MPDP's curiosity. She asks if they're going to stay white. Kenny: "This is not white. You cannot say 'white' in front of Vern. This is Swiss Mocha." Frink laughs. He gets so much mileage out of colour names. He's still chuckling about the toenail polish I wore for our wedding ("Fiji Weejee Fawn"), and we've been married almost six years. Whereas one of my absolute dream jobs is to get to be the person who researches, selects and especially, names colours for a paint company.

Lord. Speaking of colours. Gen's inside the big TV hole, painting it lipstick red. Where did that come from? We get a shot of Gen just painting merrily over the outlet and its cover. Professor Frink moves instinctively away from me, because he knows my head is about to explode. He's been listening to me rant ever since we bought this house about people who just lazily paint over outlet covers, and hardware, and electrical wiring, and so on, without a care in the world for the mess and hassles they're creating for people down the road. Never mind that doing this always looks like shit, too. It's one of the hallmarks of craptasticness. Birgette comes along wondering about this new colour. Gen explains that she knows it's shocking, but that Kenny and Samm won't see this colour until they open the door to watch the TV, and she thought they'd like a little surprise. Except like most people, they'll probably keep their TV exposed almost all the time, so they'll probably be seeing a lot of that colour.

Samm and Vern pin dark blue fabric onto a yellow flowered couch. It actually looks a lot like a popular Croscill sheet pattern I remember from a few years back. Samm explains that this was the couch in their front room until they inherited a leather model, so this one went to the garage. Vern says the couch is perfectly good, just outdated. He's making very nice, tailored slipcovers for all the furniture, because he doesn't like the loose, sloppy-looking kind. Sing it, brother. Vern and his team will be slipcovering both sofas, the chair, and the ottoman. Man, that's a lot of work, especially if you're doing well-fitted, tailored covers, without much room for error.

Amy Wynn shows Birgette how they're going to attach the pieces of wood to the face of the fireplace. Birgette asks her to do one first. Man, I hope she's putting those nails into the grout and not the tile; otherwise, it's bye-bye, tile. Even if they don't like the wood and want to pull it off, they're going to have holes in their grout. Maybe there won't be too many. Amy Wynn says that once the pieces are attached, she'll come in and sand the edges because they're quite rough. I hope she sands the surfaces, too.

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